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Christmas 2014: Best Toys for Little Boys

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We have a baby in our family now and Sam is completely enthralled! Baby Dominic is Sam’s cousin…his own, personal BFF, cousin. He was born six weeks ago, the son of my stepsister and her husband. They live several thousand miles away from us but that hasn’t stopped Sam from talking to him regularly over Skype. Dominic is now familiar with every toy in Sam’s room that Sam could haul to the computer, plus Dominic knows all about Sam’s plans for the future trip to Florida the two of them are taking (I’m not sure who is driving!). If baby Dominic couldn’t make a Skype appearance, Sam was not interested in talking with any other family member—it was “goodbye” and outta there!

Christmas 2014 Best Toys for Little Boys

With all of that affection you can imagine Sam wants to send Dominic special surprises. I’ve found one that more than meets Sam’s approval and my own: a small, sturdy Radio Flyer wagon filled with classic children’s books from Enchanted Bookery. It’s something we first received for Sam that I am going to be ordering for Dominic as well.

Great Gift Idea for Little Boys

I’ve had a long-term passion for instilling a love of reading in boys. Sadly, the literacy stats around the world for boys vs girls are staggering so anytime I can encourage reading in boys, I do. I want every child to benefit from good reading habits that are established early in life.

Best Toys for Boys 2014

Best Books for Boys

Best Toys for Boys 2014

In addition to the cool Radio Flyer wagon that comes with 9 books all themed around moving vehicles (our favourite is The Little Blue Truck), Enchanted Bookery has baskets, bins, and totes full of wonderful children’s book titles.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

The collections are personalized by age and gender (and recipient name) plus there’s a personalized bookmark and custom book plates included. They offer books for siblings, mini bins of books, baskets of Caldecott and Newbery award winners and a grand library assortment as well as bookends and Teddy bears. There are choices for families with a first child and a beginning library, plus options for families of a new baby with siblings who would prefer to add to their family collection.

Best Toy Ideas for Boys

Because we live so far from our immediate family and many good friends, I shop online regularly, especially during Christmas. Enchanted Bookery does all the work for you, which makes it an excellent time saver too. Bonus: If you subscribe to their emails, you’ll receive helpful special offers and discount codes.

Unique Gift Ideas for Little Boy

Best Christmas Gifts for Boys 2014

Whether or not you have a baby cousin Dominic, consider giving books for a baby shower gift, birthday present or holiday. You might be inspiring a lifelong reader and that’s a gift that truly keeps on giving. With the variety of theme collections and packaging options and loads of good reading, Enchanted Bookery is a winning gift idea…in my book!

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Disclosure: While I did receive compensation for this post, all the opinions are my own. I love their Radio Flyer filled to the brim with books and am thrilled to be able to let others know about it.

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