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Celebrating Kids in the Kitchen with Top Chef Jr. and Universal Kids

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Since he was teeny tiny, my son Sam has loved to help out in the kitchen. We’ve had some of our very best bonding time while working side by side experimenting with recipes. I’m excited to partner with Universal Kids Network to talk about food with you today!

Top Chef Jr

Not only does Sam love to help me cook in the kitchen, he likes to watch cooking shows with me as well. We’ve been watching Top Chef Jr. every week and enjoying it so much. They may be kids, but they CAN COOK. The finale is airing this Friday, December 15!  We can’t wait to see who wins.

Top Chef Jr Season 1 Contestants

When I heard about Top Chef Junior, I knew he’d be interested. Hosted by Vanessa Lachey and Curtis Stone host, the show features 12 young chefs competing for the coveted top chef title and a $50,000 prize. It’s already been picked up for a second season!

We got a chance to meet some of the young chefs — Kenzie, Audrey, Fuller and Henry a few weeks ago in Orlando, including tasting some of their delicious food.

Top Chef Jr Henry

My money has been on Henry ever as soon as we tasted his “fancy mussels” dish. Being from Newfoundland, I have had more than my fair share of mussels and his version was spectacular. Yes. A kid cooked the best version of the dish I have ever had. (!!!)

I actually sampled his dish several times just to make sure I was 100% sure. 🙂

My friend April from Mama Loves Food loved Fuller’s chicken crostini appetizer.

Top Chef Jr Fuller

Fuller was one of Sam’s favorites too and we were so sad when he had to withdraw.

I consider recipe books serious reading and cooking shows are quality programming that I could watch all.day.long. I’m super excited that I have a boy who loves them as much as I do.

When I think back over memories together, many of them revolve around food.

There have been days that Sam and I have curled up and binge watched cooking shows. Even though he can be a picky eater sometimes, he enjoys watching along with me.

Make Sure You’re Watching the Top Chef Jr. Finale on December 15 at 8/7c on UNIVERSAL KIDS!!!

Universal Kids Network was formerly known as Sprout. They’ve created a kid-focused ecosystem with great TV content at the center, all programmed for the 2-11 year old audience.

It’s a fresh mix of animated content, unscripted entertainment, live action scripted originals, and proven international hits. You can find them on air, online, On Demand and via mobile with the Universal Kids app.

Also part of the Universal Kids programming mix are award-winning international hit series, including Nowhere Boys, a fantasy-adventure that follows four teenagers who get lost in a forest and discover – when they return home – that they are stuck in a world where they never existed and The Next Step, a single-camera tween drama from Boat Rocker Studios that follows the lives of a group of elite dancers.

In addition, Universal Kids will premiere Hank Zipzer from DHX Media. Based on the bestselling series of novels by Henry Winkler, the series focuses on the misadventures of Hank Zipzer, a 12 year old dyslexic schoolboy.

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