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Celebrating Back to School

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Acorn, but all opinions are my own.

My two little guys love being my big helpers. They are my sidekicks at the grocery store, around the house, in the kitchen and anywhere else we may venture to.

I love having their help! Before I was a mom, I was an elementary school teacher.

Being a teacher is woven into the fiber of my being — it’s a huge part of who I am. So just because I’m not in the classroom everyday doesn’t mean I’ve lost any of my passion for education.

With my oldest son heading to kindergarten this fall, we’re getting ready for big transitions in our family.

I can hardly believe it’s almost time for Rowen to begin “real” school.

Up to this point, the boys were both attending the same preschool. It’s been a program we love, filled with great people.

I’m happy that Dax will continue there this fall because I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

The teacher in me appreciates everything the preschool offers academically. There is a great curriculum and I’ve loved watching my boys learn and blossom with the help and care of their amazing teachers.

Beyond the traditional subjects, I’ve been so impressed with the “extras” their preschool has offered the boys.

They’ve made so many great memories with special music and art projects and they’ve gotten their wiggles out with their phys ed program.

The preschool has also offered a heavy dose of “fun” woven into all their daily activities.

One of the things my boys have loved all year long is their Box Tops participation program.

Are you familiar with Box Tops for Education?

You’ll find Box Tops on hundreds of the products you’re already purchasing — each Box Top is worth 10 cents for your school.

Collecting Box Tops is now easier than ever thanks to their app.

The boys and I headed to Walmart to do our usual grocery shopping.

You’ll be amazed how many of the products you purchase every week have Box Tops on them!

Once you’re aware of it, you’ll start seeing them everywhere.

And you realize how quickly that money can add up to benefit your child’s school.

After we were done shopping, we headed home to unload our plunder.

Using the Box Tops for Education app, I’m able to scan my receipt to redeem the Box Tops for the items I purchased.


To sweeten the deal even more right now, you can buy five products and get a bonus 50 Box Tops points when scanning through the app.

It’s brilliant!

My boys have been very motivated this last year to collect Box Tops.

See, their preschool had a special bonus for the class who collected the most Box Tops over the course of the year: a pizza party.

Pizza can be so very motivating!

Anytime we shopped, the boys were on the lookout for products boasting the Box Tops logo. They knew that meant more Box Tops for their classrooms.

Their teachers sent out regular updates through the school year with how each room was doing. It was amazing how much a group can accomplish when working towards a common goal.

Our kids are the future and I was so proud and amazed by our community championing to supply whatever we can to help them be successful.

Over the course of the year, there was heavy participation.

Parents want the best we can provide for our kids and the kids are so very motivated by that pizza and bragging rights!

In the end, my youngest son’s classroom won!

All of the kids felt a personal pride because of their participation.

They were quick to bask in the joy of a job well done plus enjoy some hard earned pizza.

I loved having our family be part of this last year and I’m already looking forward to the incentives this next school year.

Even though it’s summer, we’ve continued grabbing products with Box Tops and scanning into the app each time.

Be sure to get on the Box Tops bandwagon and snag those 50 bonus Box Tops on your favorite products through September 10!

For every 5 Box Tops for Education (BTFE) products you purchase in a single transaction at Walmart on or after 7/10/18 and entered by you by scanning your receipt through the Box Tops Bonus App by 9/10/2018, you can earn 50 Bonus Box Tops, for a your BTFE eligible enrolled school. Only available at Walmart. Multipack BTFE products purchased at Walmart count as 1 participating product for purposes of this offer.  To redeem offer, you must download the free Box Tops Bonus App available through the Apple App Store or Google Play store and be or become a member of BTFE.com, supporting an eligible, listed enrolled school and follow offer redemption instructions within the App. Bonus Box Tops are worth 10 cents each and will be awarded directly to your selected BTFE school. There is a combined maximum of $500,000 in Bonus Box Tops that may be collectively redeemed in connection with this Walmart offer. If maximum is reached, offer will be discontinued and removed from the Box Tops Bonus App. Only BTFE eligible enrolled schools can be awarded earnings. All Bonus BoxTops offers are subject to the App Terms of Service, Official Rules, and Privacy Policy, available at www.BTFE.com. Standard Data Rates May Apply. You also can learn more at www.walmart.com/boxtops. All rights reserved.  App store is a service mark of Apple, Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google, Inc.

Melodee Fiske

Melodee is a mom of two energetic and independent boys who fuel her need for coffee. She is a foodie who loves creating and photography so has combined her passions to share with the world. When she’s not behind the camera, she’s giving piggy back rides, building car tracks or running to Target…again.