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This post is brought to you by Cat’s Pride® however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Our cat, Linus, is definitely part of the family. When our oldest son, Jorryn, was four, we picked Linus out from his litter of siblings. He’s been a precious addition to our family from the very beginning. When he first came home to us, he was so teeny tiny, I could hardly believe it. He easily could curl up in the palm of my hand he was so small. Now, he’s a big guy — but he’s kept his sweet and patient nature with us. Thank goodness!

Products We Love Cat's Pride Litter

Since we now have three active boys, I am really glad that he is such a loving cat. The boys include him in their playtime on a regular basis and he always obliges. He never reacts negatively to the kids, even when they were babies and would try to yank his tail. Not only is he playful, he also loves to snuggle and have lap time. He’s my designated foot warmer during the night as well! It’s a job he performs well. 


Family Pet Linus

Because I consider Linus to be part of our family, I want him to have the best products. I wan his life with our family to be happy! That’s why I’m loving Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® Ultimate Care™ Litter. It has no fillers and uses highly absorbent clay to keep everything fresh and clean. That is great for both Linus and our family… because no one wants to smell an icky litter box. I was also impressed by how clean it pours. There wasn’t a big cloud of dust when we filled the litter box. It also clumps and cleans out great. That makes it a great choice for our family!

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light

Cat's Pride Litter

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