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Car Hacks: Car Organization Tips

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Back-to-school car hacks.

It’s that time. You might call it back-to-school. I call it road runner season. With three boys and all their activities, we practically live in our car. This year I have some school year resolutions, including this mama decree: We are keeping the car clean and smelling good (right, boys?). So, here are some car organization hacks to make it a reality.

Thanks  to Febreze and Socialstars™ for helping it happen and thanks for sponsoring this post!

Car Hacks: Car Organization Tips

Back-to-school means there’s a long to-do list.  Shopping for school clothes, supplies, back packs, groceries for lunches plus after-school snacks takes a lot of time. And you can’t forget to schedule sport physicals and eye exams.

And that’s just before classes begin.

From experience, I know it doesn’t take long for my clean car to start looking like an annex to the city dump. Leftover wrappers, forgotten school papers, and dirty gym socks hide under the seats until one fateful day—usually when you’ve offered someone a ride—you open the car door and realize the entire floor is covered with leftover boys-in-a-hurry stuff.

And the car is smelling like an annex to the city dump.

But this year, I put together a road-runner car kit. I found a cute basket in a happy color that fits between the seats.

Car Caddy

It holds tissues for noses that need attention, sanitizing wipes for fingers that must be cleaned, and a stash of packaged snacks that can stand the heat.

What to Put in a Car Caddy

The emergency chocolate bar is hidden in mama’s purse.

I also have a disposable trash bag so after our final run of each day, before we go in the house, everyone must pick up and deposit any trash by his seat in the bag.

To keep things smelling fresh, I’m using ​Febreze ​CAR. You just clip it onto your car vent, firmly push the clip until you hear it click, and that car-full-of-boy stuff smell disappears. The OdorClear technology doesn’t just cover up the odors, it eliminates them.

Installing Febreze Car

The CAR Vent Clip lasts for about a month when you leave it on the low setting. But if you have a load of boys like I do, you might want to dial up the scent intensity. There’s a dial on top of the CAR Vent Clip that lets you decide.

Febreze for Car

Febreze CAR Vent Clip works in every kind of vehicle. Just don’t hide it in the glove box because it can’t work as effectively in there.

Febreze Car Air Freshner

I also have a goal to vacuum the car interior once a month. At first I told myself it would happen every weekend and then I thought, “Don’t set yourself up for failure. Not gonna happen.”

I decided just keeping things picked up and smelling good is a worthy weekly road runner resolution. And btw, why should I have to make house payments when we’re living in the car? 🙂

Car Hacks

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