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My Farm Adventure at Burnbrae Farms

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I’m going on tour. Naw, not a faraway vacation tour. I’m actually going on a farm tour at Burnbrae Farms in Lyn, Ontario and because I’ve never been on a working farm, I am super excited. I grew up in Newfoundland, where fishing was central to the economy. There were no farms around our community. Chickens, cows, and horses seemed as exotic as zebras, lions and apes.

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Mike, Sam and I now live in an area surrounded by some of the continent’s best agricultural land. I drive past dozens of farms everyday when I take Sam to school. One route takes me right to a farmer and his fresh produce stand. If I drive the other direction I can buy the most amazing cheese made right at a dairy farm that’s been producing it for generations—but I’ve never made it past the driveway. For the very first time, I get to explore a working farm! Sam is so jealous.

burnbrae farms tour #bbftour

Canada’s largest producer of eggs, Burnbrae Farms is a family owned business that’s been around since 1893. They have a reputation for taking good care of their flock. They believe that a happy hen is a healthier hen that produces a higher quality product. I know that they have huge hen houses; some of them are even heated with solar panels. I’m eager to see how they collect all of those eggs…and I’ve always wondered if they get washed or if they come straight from the chicken. I’ll let you know!

Even though they’ve been in business for a long while, Burnbrae has an innovative business model that is forward thinking. I appreciate that not only is Burnbrae offering healthy, innovative products today, they have indicated they are concerned about the future.  “Preserving tomorrow by conserving today” is even part of their logo. I’m really interested in learning how they back this very public commitment with sustainable practices.

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Besides seeing the farm and the livestock, I’m joining a group of bloggers to learn some tips about cooking with Burnbrae’s egg products — something we’re very familiar with in our family. Every two weeks, I pick up a dozen of their Nestlaid eggs to use for eating, cooking and baking — like when I made these rosemary orange chocolate chip cookies — because like Burnbrae Farms, I believe that a happy hen produces a higher quality product. What mom doesn’t want the best for her family?!

Your turn: follow Burnbrae Farms on Instagram for delicious ideas.

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