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Build a Bear National Teddy Bear Day

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There are all sorts of holidays and national commemorative days, but I’m guessing none of them generate warm fuzzies as much as National Teddy Bear Day, which is being celebrated tomorrow, September 9th.

National Teddy Bear with Build a Bear

Did you have a favorite stuffed toy when you were little? My Sam has three cuddlies that have been his buddies since he was very small. They’ve been there for naptime, bedtime, imaginative play, and just for random hugs so I’ve seen firsthand how important those snuggly friends can be.

To celebrate the beloved teddy bear on his special day, Build-A-Bear Workshop stores nationwide will mark the occasion by offering guests a chance to make select bears, including a commemorative bear, for just $5*!

Build a Bear Celebration

There are over 30 furry friends to make and hundreds of outfits and accessories at Build-A-Bear but this is the first time a commemorative bear has been issued to honor National Teddy Bear Day.

And to “add a little more heart to life,” for every $5 bear purchased in Canadian stores on September 9th, the Build-A-Bear Workshop will donate one to Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada  (a one-to-one match donation) up to 1,000 furry friends.

That’s a lot of bear hugs!

In 2017, Build-A-Bear will have been making friends for 20 years! The 2016 National Teddy Bear Day starts their year-long celebration.

During this week of National Teddy Bear Day, teddy bear fans can participate in a few ways. Attend the National Teddy Bear Twitter Party today (September 8th) at 9 p.m. ET to answer fun trivia and qualify for the chance to win prizes.

Also visit to find a workshop location and learn more about the in-store event.

And follow Build-A-Bear on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Share one of your special teddy bear or Build-A-Bear Workshop memories with the hashtag #NationalTeddyBearDay and @BuildABear.

Who knows? Your Build-A-Bear might be just what some little person is wishing for. You can make happy hugs happen for just $5. That’s a small investment that can yield great returns!

* plus applicable taxes across the U.S., Canada and U.K. stores

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