Best Toys for Boys: KRE-O Transformers: Age of Extinction

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Now that Sam is back to school, we’ve been busy with homework, activities and lessons. As much as I loved our time together this summer, I also appreciate being back in our regular routine this fall. Each day, Mike and I make sure to spend one on one time with Sam so that we can connect and talk about our days. Sometimes this is reading or coloring together, but lately Sam has really been into building and playing with his creations. His little imagination is definitely blossoming and it’s so much fun to see.

Best Toys for Boys #BuildKREO

Recently, Sam received a KRE-O Transformers: Age of Extinction set. He was over the moon. Building KRE-O sets with Mike has become one of his favourite activities. As a mom, I love that the KRE-O sets encourage Sam to be creative and use his imagination. Watching him build the characters or create new characters is great. I think it’s great that they are also compatible with other major brands, so Sam is able to mix and match pieces. The new KRE-O Transformers sets have Dino Force technology that kids love as well. These are pieces with magnets in them so that claws can snatch up Kreons wearing metal backpacks or helmets. It creates a whole new level of play.

KRE-O Transformers

Transformers KRE-O

KRE-O Transformers

Kids can be creative and re-imagine iconic scenes from Transformers: Age of Extinction with fun KRE-O building sets, like the Galvatron Factory Battle, Grimlock Street Attack, Lockdown Air Raid, and Optimus Prime Dino Hauler. Sam comes up with some great voice effects for Optimus Prime while playing. So cute!

Optimus Prime KRE-O Lego

Lego & KRE-O Transformers

These KRE-O sets have certainly become a favourite for Sam to play with. Since our weather has still been fairly warm, he’s headed outside to play with his characters as I made dinner. His characters are able to fly very impressively with help from Sam.

KRE-O Dragon

Transfomers Plane with KRE-O

Optimus Prime

Lego Alternative

I look forward to many more hours of Sam enjoying his KRE-O sets.


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KREO Transformers

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