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Best Gifts for Lego Obsessed Kids: Pley

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pley.

Now that Sam is nearly six, he and Mike do a lot of activities together. I’m so glad for their close bond! Recently, one of their favorite projects has become building LEGO sets together. It’s a fantastic way for them to spend time together and I love the look of accomplishment on Sam’s face when they finish each project.

LEGO Gifts for Kids

We’ve recently become fans of the awesome subscription service, Pley. They offer affordable LEGO sets — sets priced at $100 at the store — are available for only $9.99 a month on Pley. With free shipping both to your home and back to Pley, your child can enjoy building and using their imagination with each set and then return it for the next one. They offer sets for both boys and girls, which is fantastic. It’s also a terrific gift giving option: no more trying to come up with a creative gift they’ll love. They’re sure to be happy being able to choose a set off Pley.

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Pley LEGO Rental Subscription Service

The Pley Mission

Pley is a socially responsible company that changes the way families consume educational toys. Leveraging collaborative consumption, we aim to raise a more creative and skillful generation that follows the principles of open-ended play while emphasizing the benefits of sharing, reducing waste and giving back to the community.


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I love Sam’s excitement over receiving  a new LEGO set every month. He doesn’t have time to grow bored and ignore the set: he can use his imagination and then we send it back. Pley also offers a plan at $19.99 where you’ll receive multiple LEGO sets a month. Choosing sets is easy: just log on to their website and scan through the available sets. You can also use their search features to make it simpler to find something specific. 

LEGO Gifts

LEGO Gift Ideas for Boys

Pley takes cleanliness seriously too: once a LEGO set is returned by a customer, they wash and sanitize each piece to make sure it’s germ free before it heads to the next customer. Great idea, huh? I would guess most of us don’t clean our own Lego sets that often.

By renting instead of buying, I’m also reducing the clutter in our home–no more unwanted LEGO pieces forgotten on the floor! Also, the more folks that use Pley, the more we can actively reduce plastic consumption.

Toys for Boys

LEGO Gift Ideas

LEGO Gift Ideas

Once Mike and Sam had built their creations, it was time for Sam to play. I love listening to his little imagination in overdrive. I look forward to years of listening to Sam’s imaginative LEGO play…and not having to step on all of those forgotten LEGO pieces!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pley.

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