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Best Gifts for Guys

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Hiding inside even the most burly, sophisticated man you can think of is a heart that races with boyish excitement when adventure is on the horizon. Guys are hard-wired for it. Take advantage of your insider knowledge and parlay that into a great Christmas gift. Here’s how to start.

Christmas Gifts for Guys 

Think about “someday” conversations you two have shared. So what if you can’t ditch real life and back-pack across the continent now? How about a weekend away in the country?

Or explore an art gallery, shooting gallery, or that fabulous golf course you would both love to play. The idea is to take a kernel of a dream and make something do-able happen in the near future.

Decide on a destination. It doesn’t have to entail long-distance travel to be out-of-this-world perfect. It just needs to be a step away from the everyday.

Covertly check his upcoming calendar.

Make reservations, arrangements for the stay-at-home kids, and block off the date on your calendar.

Best Christmas Gifts for Guys 

Put together a shaving kit. Choose a cool travel case like this one with a world map on the front and it’s already “wrapped”.

Easy Gift Ideas for Guys 

Fill the case with masculine items such as a Philips OneBlade, black manicure set, maple-scented handmade soap, favorite cologne, and personal care toiletries.

I choose the Philips OneBlade because it trims, styles and shaves. That one tool saves space and time plus it cuts hair at any length with no clogs, pulls, nicks or cuts and it can be used wet or dry. Perfect for travel and at home.

Toiletry Kit: Guys Gift Ideas 

Add a save-the-date note but if you can keep a secret, don’t tell where you’re going or what you’ll be doing. This means you’ll have to help him pack the right clothes when it’s time to take off. Small price.

Tantalize his imagination with occasional hints before the get-away. 

And go.

A surprise destination package can be full of excitement whether you plan low-key punch-out time together or an active adventure. Imaginative scheming and thoughtful preparations make it just the kind of Christmas gift any guy would appreciate!

Philips One Blade 

In Canada, find Philips OneBlade for about $45 at major retailers including Loblaws, London Drugs, Canadian Tire, Jean Coutu, Amazon, Centre De Razoir, Walmart, Sears.

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