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Confession: I used to be a magazine junkie.

Looking at magazines full of beautiful decorating ideas, yummy recipes and tips for better living used to be my mom-reward in stolen moments. I’d see something I wanted to try or remember, so I’d keep the entire magazine. You know how that goes; soon there are PILES of magazines and you don’t have the time to find which article you wanted anyway! Now there is an alternative for busy people like me who still enjoy current magazine content, but don’t want the magazine clutter: Texture.

Texture Magazine App

Here’s how it works. The Texture app gives you the world’s best magazines (National Geographic, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, People, Time, Glamour, Wired, and more). Choose an issue from a catalog that features top titles in each category. You have unlimited access to premium content and Texture helps you quickly find the subject matters that you care about.  You can readily get to the topics and interests you are looking for when you add Favorites to My Library. Bookmark articles to My Collections, which you group by theme. I think that’s a great feature. Just because I don’t have the time to waste on non-relevant interests and information, I still like my magazines! No more need for magazine clutter because you can save and organize content that you want to go back to later.

You can also find recommendations from the Texture Editorial Team. You might visit Highlights for new and noteworthy stories. Have a favorite topic? Visit curated Collections. Check out what’s trending with Top Stories (updated daily). Is there something you’re curious about? Browse Categories or search the archives for past issues. And have you ever finished reading something and wished for a little bit more? Texture lets you enjoy audio, video and additional digital exclusives for extra dimension.

Texture for Magazines

Texture is offering a 30-day free trial for new users (through November 30, 2015). After your free trial, it will cost $14.99/month. This gives you unlimited access to all of their monthly magazines, plus access to all back issues (Premium free trial also gives you unlimited access to all weekly magazines, too). The Texture app is available on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mini using iOS 7.0 and up, devices using Android 4.0 and up, and Windows 8 and Windows RT PCs and tablets. You’ll have access on up to five devices per account. You can cancel your account, online, at any time.

Most Popular Magazines on Texture

Want more incentive? When you begin your free trial in October, you will be entered to win amazing prizes all month—just for signing up and reading in the app!

All that—and no more cluttered piles of magazines to trip over!

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