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Advice for New Moms

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When I was expecting my first baby (can it be 13 years ago, already?), I was amazed at the number of strangers who would engage me in conversation about babies—pat my belly, even! I heard all sorts of horror stories about deliveries gone wrong (what were they thinking?), months of sleeplessness, (didn’t happen), and newborn feeding advice (not helpful—I nursed). What did I learn from all that?

Advice for New Moms

Becoming Mom for the first time is a Great Unknown and most women admit to more than a little trepidation. That is, until they’ve been through it. Then they become experts who are willing to share their depth of wisdom with the sisterhood.

That’s good news/bad news.

I know I was glad for insight and suggestions those first few weeks, but not from strangers or casual acquaintances. I turned to my family, women I knew I could trust.

New Mommy Advice

Even so, when I see a newbie mom, sometimes I feel that maternal sisterhood thing and I want to tell her:

  • As eager as you are to hold him/her in your arms, it’s perfectly normal to miss feeling baby kick inside you.
  • Inhale that exquisite new baby smell as frequently as possible. It’s a delightful scent you’ll never find in a bottle.
  • You can’t kiss those cheeks too often.
  • You will talk obnoxious baby-talk to your own…and it won’t seem obnoxious.
  • Time takes on a different dimension. Babyhood stages don’t last forever, even though some days they feel like it.
  • You will become a better version of you, but you won’t recognize it for a long time.
  • You’ll think about the future more and you’ll become passionate about issues that were never of interest before.
  • You’ll soon be doing things that previously seemed totally gross—like changing icky diapers and cleaning spit-up—and you won’t even gag.

Although I never tell pregnant strangers any of those things, given the right opportunity I could be persuaded to share my…expertise. 🙂

Pampers Swaddlers

Because there are so many choices, I wouldn’t mind telling new Mom that well-known baby products have their great reputation because they are, well, great! Pampers Swaddlers diapers are in that category.

Advice for Newborn Baby

Based on sales data, Pampers are the #1 choice of hospitals. Whether it’s because of the blankie softness with the absorb-away liner that pulls wetness/mess from baby’s skin, the color-changing wetness indicator that shows when baby might need a change, or the contoured umbilical notch, that’s quite an endorsement.

Newborn Baby Mom Advice

But you’re going to find your own groove and you’ll do just fine. How do I know? Look around. The world is filled with wonderful, unique, gifted people and they all made it here because of their moms.

What I’ve learned is motherhood is an awesome experience. I think all women are reminded of that when they see a pregnant belly. That’s why strangers want to share and reminisce.

Non Advice for New Moms

So, new Mom: smile at strangers and listen to their stories. But my best non-advice? Go with your own gut—you’re going to be just the mom your baby needs!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers. The opinions and text are all mine.

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