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9 Places You Often Miss Spring Cleaning

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Have you started your spring cleaning?  I admit I have hit the high spots and called it “good enough” when my schedule/energy haven’t cooperated, but the funny thing about spring cleaning is, it waits. And then multiplies! Bottom line? You gotta do what you gotta do!

9 Places in Your Home You've Probably Forgotten to Clean

Even if I didn’t have three curious boys, I’m much more comfortable with cleaning products that contain no questionable chemicals. Any product that’s used in a way that wasn’t intended can be a problem but I’m especially vigilant about cleaning solutions. They’ve got to do the job the first time around but I’ve got to have peace of mind about them or they’re not in my cleaning supplies.

Lemishine Cleaning Products

A new product to me is Lemi Shine. Their product line is amazing—and it smells good, too! Lemi Shine is powerful, but safe since they use non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free ingredients—100% natural citric extracts. The first thing I tried is their Glass + Surface Cleaner on the window over my kitchen sink. It works SO well! It cleans beautifully and my window is now streak free. Let me tell you, looking at the world through a sparkling clean window is a great way to start the day!

Lemishine Dishwasher Cleaner

That grand success inspired me to power through my list. The kitchen and bathrooms get a lot of use so they’re always hot spots for cleaning. I tried several Lemi Shine products: Concentrated Dish Soap, Dishwasher Detergent, Detergent Booster, Dishwasher Cleaner, Garbage Disposal Cleaner, Glass + Surface Cleaner, and Shower + Tile Cleaner. Thumbs up on all of them!

Glass and Surface Cleaner from Lemishine

Inside and Outside Cleaning with Lemishine

Lemi Shine has products for jobs that I don’t typically think of so I came up with an addendum to my typical cleaning routine. The result? I feel virtuous! I feel victorious! I live in a clean freak house (at least until the boys get up!).

Before and After Cleaning with Lemishine

9 Places You Often Miss Spring Cleaning

  • Garbage disposal
  • Under sink tip-out drawer
  • Inside cupboard shelves (how does dust get in there?!)
  • Glasses and dishes-may as well get rid of those ugly spots and stains while you’re cleaning
  • Under and around the microwave shelf
  • Dishwasher interior
  • Washing machine
  • Under the bathroom sink. Our pipes are inside a cupboard…again, how does it get so dirty?
  • Backside of the toilet tank

Lemishine Shower and Tile Cleaner

If you want a really clean, clean, check out the Lemi Shine website and pick up coupons so you can try their products. My suggestion? Do it now while it’s still spring. Dust bunnies and dirt multiply at an alarming rate!

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