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7 Tips to Save Money When Packing School Lunches

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Having children in school can be expensive! With school supplies, new clothes, fundraisers, etc., wallets can really be emptied quickly. That makes finding ways to save money during the school year important. Shopping for upcycled clothing and saving money on gas by carpooling can help but today I want to share some ways to save money when packing school lunches. Tips like buying in bulk, knowing what size to buy and what to skip will not only help you save money, you’’ll be making sure your kids are eating a well-balanced, customized meal that tastes good!

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Here are some of my favorite ways to save money when packing school lunches:

1. Skip the prepackaged meals – You know those expensive cheese/cracker/meat combos? You can make them yourself for less money, and they taste better! Here is a great Homemade Lunchable Recipe to get you started.

2. Buy in Bulk – Do you know your children love a certain kind of snack in their lunch boxes? Wait until it’s on sale and buy it in bulk. If you are worried about buying perishable items in bulk, check out this great article on what foods you can freeze (it’s more than you think!).

3. Learn to Coupon – Now I don’t mean clear out a room in your house for a stockpile and spend 8 hours in the grocery store, but learning how to coupon is a huge way to save money when packing school lunches. Here is a great beginner’’s guide to couponing that will encourage you!

4. Don’t waste your money on snack-sized items – Yes that box of 24 2-packs of crackers would save some time, but they are going to cost so much more than just buying the big pack of crackers and dividing them yourself.

5. Pack Leftovers – Packing leftovers for lunch not only cuts down on waste, it also saves time and money.

6. Don’t buy freezer packs – You don’t need to spend money on traditional freezer packs to keep your child’s lunch cold. Put a wet sponge in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer; that works just as well! So does a frozen juice box.

7. DO spend money on reusable sandwich bags – If you pack your children’s lunch daily using plastic sandwich bags you are going to be buying a lot of bags! Investing in a few reusable sandwich bags will save you money in the end.

There–you have 7 suggestions for ways to save money when packing school lunches! Following these tips can yield substantial savings throughout the school year. Now you can afford those school pictures, right?!

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