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5 Good Books for Boys We’re Loving This Week

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Does your little boy love books? Here are some good book recommendations that you’ll both love!

If you love reading to your son, want to build a library of the best books or are trying to get him more interested in books, I’ve picked out 5 favorites that I think your little guys (and/or girl too) is going to enjoy!

1. Sam loves trains, so Steam Train, Dream Train is wonderful for bedtime.

2. We love Mo Willems, so I know That Is Not a Good Idea! will quickly become a new favorite.

3. I love the giggles from Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg!

4. Dig In! is perfect for any little boy who loves to build.

5. Ribbit! is a delightful story to enjoy over and over again! The pictures are beautiful!

At Spaceships and Laser Beams, we have a passion for fostering a lifelong love of reading in boys. The statistics are staggering in how boys lag behind girls in reading and literacy comprehension skills. You can learn more about our Books for Boys Project to see how we’re doing our small part to advance this.

I also love featuring book themed parties. Here are some great ones:

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