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4 Amazing Tips for Home Organization #MomsCheckIn

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Moms Check In

I won’t lie: as much as I love the holidays, I also crave the fresh start and return to normalcy January brings. I look forward to taking down the decorations as much as I look forward to putting them up. I love the idea of a clean slate and fresh start. I enjoy getting back in our routine and accomplishing new goals. This January, I am working on organizing the whole house so we can have a productive 2015. Here are the Moms Check In tips to help get you organized!

Best Home Organization Tips #MomsCheckIn

Best Home Organization Tips


Lindsay: Organization is not my forte but I’m trying…still! Probably my biggest problem area is paper clutter so my top tip for staying on top of that is to deal with everything as it comes in. When the mail or school papers come in, go through them and immediately trash or recycle anything you don’t want or need. Don’t just put it on the counter. I also find I have to write everything down (this doesn’t mean I’m old, does it?!) so that I don’t forget the things on my to-do list. I tell myself I’ll remember but, nope. I never do. This momAgenda planner is one of my favorites for keeping everything in one place. Finally, I’m grabbing a few organizational items here and there as I find them to make it easier for me to have a designated place for everything. Here are some of the solutions I’ve found and hope to use this year to organize my home

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Stephanie: January is definitely a time of big purging in our home! When taking care of Christmas decorations, I also take the time to throw out old or broken items around our house. I also organize Sam’s toys into labeled bins plus go through our closets. I also take a moment to utilize these free organization printables so that all our paperwork and notes are organized. I love starting off the year feeling fresh and clutter free!

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Amanda: Just call me the Queen of Paper Clutter. I can NOT do online planners/calendars. I like photo copies of my work stuff. I like binders. I like folders. But between my office ‘stuff’ and then all the mail and papers that come home from school it gets to be a bit much. We have a command center area with a big calendar and places to put the paper that comes in. It’s also where we have our keys/bags so no excuses to not know about an upcoming event!

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Jenni: For me the biggest organization challenge is space to store things. We live in an old farmhouse, and believe it or not….we have VERY little closet space and NO pantry in the kitchen. I’m constantly re-arranging and organizing in my kitchen to make space. I did finally tackle my closet though. Here are a few tips I have for organizing a small closet on a budget if you’d like to tackle your own. Since we have a lack of storage space, I feel like I have a lot of things that don’t have a “home” so I tend to shove things in nooks and crannies. I’m really gonna work on that this year.

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Your turn: what’s your best home organization tips?

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