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30 Halloween Costumes for Babies

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Do you have a new baby in the family? You’re in for lots of fun celebrating life’s firsts with your little one; holidays are especially wonderful with a new bundle of joy in the family! If you are celebrating baby’s first Halloween this year, you’ll love these darling baby Halloween costumes. Will baby be a lion, peacock, or a dragon? How about a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or a viking? Maybe a lobster, tiger, monkey or a little turkey? There are lots of adorable ideas included here!

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Halloween Costumes for Babies

Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

  1. InCharacter Infant Monkey Costume
  2. Marvel The Incredible Hulk Costume
  3. Skeleton Romper Costume
  4. Infant Gobbler Costume
  5. Infant Elephant Costume
  6. Octopus Baby Costume
  7. InCharacter Baby Boy’s Viking Costume
  8. Dragon Costume
  9. Baby Doctor Costume
  10. Pea in the Pod Costume
  11. Infant Lobster Costume
  12. InCharacter Baby Boy’s Garden Knome
  13. EZ-On Romper Dinosaur Costume
  14. My First Halloween Lil Pumpkin Jumper Costume
  15. Rasta Imposta Tootsie Roll Costume
  16. Infant Tiger Costume
  17. Oatmeal Bear Costume
  18. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume
  19. Noah’s Ark Lion Costume
  20. Infant Puppy Costume
  21. Lovable Lion Costume
  22. Baby Silly Shark Costume
  23. Sock Monkey costume
  24. Jr. Astronaut Suit
  25. Infant Lion Costume
  26. Precious Peacock
  27. Cow Romper Costume
  28. Infant Piggy Costume
  29. Infant Monster Costume
  30. What A Hoot Owl Costume

Halloween Costumes for Babies

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