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3 Ways to Tell Your Dog Has Seasonal Allergies #ItchyPetSeeYourVet

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Did you know that just like people, dogs can have reactions to a variety of seasonal allergies? My Mom recently visited us with her adorable pair of Labradoodles. She’s discovered that one of the dogs is challenged by seasonal allergies. It had red, itchy skin and was constantly gnawing at its paws. When I told her that the dog might have seasonal allergies and she should see her vet, she was surprised.

Signs Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

Like many, my mom thought that dogs and humans show the same signs when they have seasonal allergies. Sneezing, coughing and watery eye symptoms that people experience are not the telltale allergy symptoms that affect pets. Dogs mainly absorb allergens — including trees, dust mites, pollens, moulds — through their skin, not their respiratory system. 

If you want to make sure your pet is not miserable with allergies, Mom’s vet said there are three main ways to tell. Think of ESP: ears, skin, and paws.

1. Ear discharge is one symptom that might be telegraphing allergies but pawing at their ears or shaking their heads can also be signs.

2. A dog that is scratching frequently or constantly grooming itself might be dealing with allergies.

3. Excessive licking or chewing at paws, and the resultant redness, can also be an indicator.

Seasonal Allergies in Dogs
There are treatments that veterinarians can use to alleviate your dog’s discomfort and the root issue of allergies: oral meds, soothing shampoos, and topical therapies are some of the options. However, proper nutrition can also strengthen and heal skin and allergen concerns.

Veterinary exclusive pet food that is designed to address environmental allergies can play a key role in restoring the important skin barrier, so giving relief to your pet might start with something as simple as choosing the right food.

If you notice your dog displaying any of these allergy signs, take care of your best bud by seeking a vet for his/her professional opinion. A thorough exam and the right treatment can give your beloved pet—and you—great comfort and a long, healthy life.

To talk more about seasonal allergies in dogs, join me on Twitter anytime at #ItchyPetSeeYourVet.

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Disclosure: I work with Royal Canin on a number of social media programs but all opinions are my own. I believe in their company values and the quality of their product. I’m thrilled to be able to help them share the message about the the importance of visiting your vet if you suspect your dog has seasonal allergies.

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