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3 Ways to Save Money at Tax Time

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I love being the kind of busy that comes with being a full time blogger. You have to know a little bit about a lot of everything — from taking photos to editing videos to writing in a way that will make Google love you to figuring out ad positions.

3 Ways to Save Money at Tax Time

What I do not love is the accounting and tax part of business. Trying to figure out the laws for dual incomes as well as the intricacies of being self-employed makes my brain shut down. I have no interest in it, so I tend to ignore it for as long as possible.

Even though I’m used to working hard to find the best solutions for our family in all sorts of situations, the thought of doing our taxes causes me much consternation. What if I miss available deductions? What if I do something wrong and inadvertently claim something that’s not allowed? What if I make a stupid math mistake?

I’ve pretty much always been this way. I remember the first year after I graduated university, I showed up at H&R Block with a plastic shopping bag that had the receipts I thought I would need. It was a bit embarrassing but the fact that everything was together in a bag felt like an accomplishment. The H&R blog employee “who got me” was so wonderful in helping me sort it out. I went back to that exact location year after year until I moved.

With May 2nd being the deadline for 2015 personal tax submissions in Canada — and T4s arriving — it’s definitely time to be planning tax prep and filing. I am now frantically going through receipts, once again making a “resolution” that next year will be different.

H&R Block is on the scene with a couple of new promotions, looking like something with superhero status in my mind!

With Switch to Block, if you paid someone else to do your 2015 (tax year 2014) taxes, you can take your original receipt to a participating location and get 50% off what you paid them to complete your taxes last year.

The Give and Get promotion allows you to share a H&R Block code with up to five close friends or family members who are new clients. If they decide to file with H&R Block, you get $25 by email money transfer (limited to five people for a total of $125). Or if someone shared their code with you, just present a copy of the email/coupon, file at a participating H&R Block and get $25 off your tax prep fee. Talk about easy money!

Save Your Sanity at Tax Time

Canadians can file in-store, starting at $69.99. There are even lower rates for full-time students, starting at $39.99. H&R will give you a free quote.

Another option is going to to download their online tax software. They give you step-by-step instructions plus you have 24/page/7 tech support and tax advice. And—the Download and Online Tax Software programs are 100% free! I think busy parents who are conscientiously working to do what’s best for their families will love this option. The H&R Block Help Centre gives users access to resources and help to complete tax returns. Their info helps you take advantage of just the right credits and deductions, no matter the complexity of your taxes.

Whether you’re a pro at doing taxes or a complete newbie, check out the help available at H&R Block. With their Maximum Refund Guarantee, their experts can help you find every deduction and credit available to you. That should help get rid of the dread of tax season! I know having professional advice has always made me feel better.

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