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25 Awesome Indoor Activity Ideas + Recipes for Kids #MomsCheckIn

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Brrr — baby, it’s cold outside! We are in the middle of some super cold temperatures here. School has actually been cancelled it’s so cold! Because of this, Sam and I have been looking for fun projects to do indoors. I’m all about boredom busters and keeping his imagination and fingers busy. These activity ideas for kids plus recipes you can make together from the Moms Check In crew are sure to keep your kids happy, no matter how chilly it is outside.

25 Activity Ideas + Recipes for Kids

25 Indoor Activity Ideas for Kids + Recipes… 


Stephanie: It’s exceptionally cold here right now — below zero, actually and school has even been cancelled! I am keeping Sam indoors, which can be a bit of a challenge with lots of energy. Each day, we have time together reading and I also have us do a craft or activity together to keep him occupied. It definitely helps keep him happy and is a great way to fight boredom!

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Jenni: It’s been wayyyy too cold to go outside. It’s below zero here with the wind chill and school has been closed all week. Besides catching up on some TV and cuddling time, we find other things to do. Little man gets so bored, so I try to keep a few “hands on” activities and fun kiddie recipes ready for days that we’re stuck inside.

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Amanda: I’m so ready for spring. When the cold weather shuts us in, you can find us making pillow forts and watching movies. During the school week, breakfast is usually something quick, but if we are snowed in we usually start off with Bacon Pull Apart French Toast Muffins or Rainbow Pancakes. A yummy breakfast, movies and a sweet treat later on (Josh loves Party Bark!) and we have awesome ‘stay-home’ days!

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Lindsay: I’m so over winter. This year has been brutal so far, way too cold to get the kids outside. While we’ve been trying to stay warm inside the kids have discovered Harry Potter movies (yay!) and I’ve been doing my best to keep both their brains and their bodies active. Fortunately we have a big basement and they can play down there, even ride their scooters. Reading, cooking and coloring are a few of our go-tos to fight cabin fever.

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