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23 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Boys

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Are you looking for stocking stuffer ideas for boys? You’re in the right place! Each year my boy’s stockings are the last items to be checked off my shopping list. I always have a hard time finding little treats I think they’ll love and I don’t want to give them things that will go to waste. This year, I’ve been a little more proactive, picking up items throughout the year and tucking them away. In addition to some new ideas, I’ve included several of the items listed below in past stockings.

23 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys

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This list is both boy and mom approved – the perfect combo for a perfect stocking stuffer treat!

  1. Angry Birds Customizable Power Rotary Toothbrush (Create Your Own Scene)
  2. LEGO 11 Mini Figures
  3. Flarp Noise Maker-mini Fart Machine
  4. Sound Machine – 16 Hilarious Sound Effects
  5. Big Bunch O’ Bugs
  6. Fake Mustache Set
  7. Play-Doh Party Bag Dough
  8. Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit
  9. 3-D Wooden Puzzle
  10. Neck Bow Ties
  11. Velvet Animal Style Finger Puppets Set
  12. eShave Mini Kit
  13. Xonex Micro Art Set
  14. Royal & Langnickel Mini Art Sketching Set
  15. Finger Cymbals
  16. Hohner Blues Band Harmonica
  17. Elf on the Shelf Santa’s Toasted Marshmallow Lip Balm
  18. Accoutrements Bacon Flavored Jelly Beans
  19. Tiddly Winks
  20. Original Metal Slinky
  21. Mini Playing Cards
  22. Car Themed Socks
  23. Small Ooze Tube Timer
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