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2013 Most Popular Toys for Boys: Christmas Gift Idea

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Since he was a baby, Sam has been obsessed with anything that has four wheels – from construction equipment to farm tractors to race cars. So Hot Wheels has been a big part of our life for several years now and a go-to option when I’m looking for a gift for Sam – or when a relative doesn’t know what to get him. But I’m loving how the latest addition to his toy collection is doing more than feeding his passion for speed – it has intrigued his imaginative spirit and his problem solving skills as well.

2013 Most Popular Toys for Boys This Christmas

Right now, Sam is obsessed with his Mattel Hot Wheels ‘Triple Track Twister’ Raceway. You can put several cars on the track and the motor catapults them around the loop-de-loops {as Sam calls them}. They either collide or you can push levers to send them on a new race track or through a tunnel. At four and a half, Sam was able to easily do this and picked it up after I showed him only once. And that’s when he really started to take ownership with this toy. He has been figuring out ways to use the two levers in tandem to keep multiple cars on the track longer or serve up a big crash when he’s ready for it.

Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Set

As gentle and caring as Sam is, he is also a typical little boy in so many ways. If Christmas buying decisions were up to him, he would probably end up with one of each toy under the tree on Christmas morning. Never mind that he doesn’t need — or really even want — every toy available. The thrill of unknown packages and possibilities of great items is so exciting. Instead of giving him a ton of presents – since he gets so much as an only child throughout the year — at Christmas I work to pick out a toy that will spark his imagination, as well as hold his attention in the weeks and months ahead.I think the Mattel Hot Wheels ‘Triple Track Twister’ Raceway fits my criteria perfectly. 

Toy Ideas for Boys for Christmas 2013

When I’m trying to pick the perfect gift for Sam, I use a couple of criteria to narrow down my options. The biggest is if I can see him playing with the toy six months from now to make sure it is worth the money. With the Triple Track Twister’ Raceway, it was a big yes because he is so obsessed with cars. Since Sam is an only child, he doesn’t have to share his toys too often {a problem in itself}. I love that you can have multiple cars on the track at once. This way when friends join him, they can play together. It might also be a good option for anyone who is looking for a sibling gift!

Hot Wheels Triple Track Race Raceway

I also like that it will grow with him. At four and a half, he’s in a bit of a transition stage where he’s outgrowing some of his younger toys and is a bit young for some older options. This race track has an iPad option that may become more useful over time as you can project the image on the raceway onto device. We don’t often put an iPad in it right now as Sam is more interested in getting actively involved and using the levers and the iPad gets in the way. But as he gets older, it could be an awesome feature to change things up a bit. But right now, he’s using the toy out of the box and creating his own racing scenarios. One adorable thing he does is set up his other cars in a line so that they can be race spectators. Sometimes a police car even stands guard.

Tip: If you’re looking at this toy for the little boy in your life, make sure you pick up the batteries for it as well. I would recommend using rechargeable batteries. The track is really large and impressive and so, if your son is like Sam, he will want to be on it for quite some time, particularly when he first gets it. As the batteries start to fade, the cars won’t go around the track as easily and no one wants tears on Christmas so rechargeable batteries will have you up and running again without the added cost. 🙂

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