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19 Ways to Treat Yourself — Without Spending a Lot of Money!

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Stephanie and I were talking about how exceptionally busy life has seemed lately. Of course, her family isn’t settled in their new house yet so she has lots of extras because of that. But I didn’t just move and my life has been moving at warp speed too. Work. Family. Ball practice and lessons for the kids. School. More work. Guess that’s the routine for a lot of us!  Stephanie and I came to the conclusion it’s too easy to let have-to-do things take over all of life. There’s gotta be some balance or life can feel boring…or overwhelming.

19 Ways to Treat Yourself to Me Time

These are not new thoughts for Stephanie or me. We’ve both been here before. I distinctly remember saying I was going to find something fun in my life EVERY day. Really, it is about attitude more than anything. Laughter and enjoyment don’t have to cost a lot or take too much time.

Evidently our experiences aren’t far from the norm. According to a recent survey by Chase Freedom Unlimited Card, Americans are not having enough fun. Only half of us rate ourselves as having enough of it. Chase Freedom Unlimited wants to help us have more fun—put a little pep in your step, they say. So, they offer 1.5% cashback for every purchase, with no minimum required. I think that 1.5% cashback could be the beginning of a great little stash marked, “just for fun”!


Daydream a little. What fun things would you do with your cashback? One of my firsts is “me time” for recharging. A mani/pedi is just the kind of pampering a busy mom could get used to. Sink into that chair with a delicious little coffee in hand and take a mental vacation while the manicurist does her magic? Ahh, yes.

Go Shopping

And then, a bit of shopping might be in order, too. New shoes and a purse for summer excursions certainly put a little pep in my step!

Sometimes all it takes is giving yourself permission to be in the moment. Here’s a short list of ideas to get you started on finding/making everyday fun.


  • Eat outside…and it doesn’t have to be a full-course meal. Brown bagging on a bench counts!
  • Stop to enjoy a favorite latte or tea without multi-tasking.
  • Buy and read a magazine/book cover-to-cover.
  • Play a computer or pinball game.
  • Pause at that candy store, bakery or specialty food spot. Choose just one something special and eat it all yourself.
  • Splurge on a new line of bath products. Draw a hot tub of water, light a candle, lock the door and soak.
  • Look up funny videos and laugh your head off.
  • Book a massage.
  • Go window shopping.
  • Regularly buy fresh flowers for yourself.
  • Try a new hair dresser.
  • Have a facial.
  • Try new make-up.
  • Send an anonymous gift to a friend with a note describing why they’re amazing.
  • Take an interesting looking class that is not related to your routine endeavors.
  • Engage a personal trainer and learn a fresh exercise routine.
  • Plan short excursions to fun spots in your own state. Overnight stays are perfectly acceptable!
  • Try on clothing styles that aren’t you. You might be surprised at how good the “new” version of you actually looks. Buy it!
  • Hire a barbershop quartet or small ensemble to serenade you and a group of girlfriends.

Great Ways to Have Fun

Check out the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card survey and their Fun Barometer. You might be inspired to find your own brand of fun.  Whether it’s a picnic in the park with a special new blanket to sit on, a personal pint of your favorite ice cream, or a season pass to the local museum, choose some favorite everyday moments and make them happen with your “just for fun” cashback stash.

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