16 Books About Back to School

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It seems hard to believe that Sam will be back to school in a month. Our summer together has gone by so quickly! This is the first year he was home full time and not in daycare at all. We’ve had a lot of fun together — playing outside, going on adventures to the library, store and back home to Newfoundland. As we enter August, my mindset is starting to switch to “back to school”. I’m thinking of lunches to pack and back to school supplies we need. I’m also preparing Sam for the return of the school year. I don’t anticipate too many nerves — he loved his teachers and classmates last year. I still want him to feel prepared though as we start our new routine. We’ve purchased several of these books and are starting to incorporate them into our reading time. If you’re getting your kids ready for back to school, you’ll be interested in these book titles as well!

Back to School Books for Kids

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16 Books About Back to School

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