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13 Backyards Designed for Entertaining Kids

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These kid-friendly backyard landscaping ideas are so cool, even adults will love them!

It’s time for outdoor entertaining! Keep reading for ideas on making a handmade hideaway, a play garden, a music wall, giant, painted wooden blocks and a backyard skate ramp.

You’ll also find inspiration for several sandbox ideas: a deluxe DIY sandbox, a Pottery Barn-inspired sandbox, a backyard beach plus a teepee sandbox.

You won’t want to miss the DIY climbing wall or the wooden ramps for toy cars. Get ready to be inspired and create a fabulous backyard entertaining area your family will enjoy this entire summer!

These 13 backyards are sure to inspire you with their nifty tricks for keeping kids entertained. Find out more at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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This Handmade Hideaway is the perfect place for kids to spend hours in fantasy worlds.

1. Handmade Hideaway 

From The Handmade Home

This Handmade Hideaway would make THE BEST birthday present for any kid, and it’s a great DIY project if you want to level up your outdoor space to be a little more kid-friendly without costing yourself an arm and a leg.

It also makes a great creative space for learning and playing.

2. Making a Play Garden

From The Imagination Tree

A Play Garden like this is a great idea if you have a bit of extra space. Plant colorful, non-toxic plants in the surrounding area, and you’ll have hours of healthy outdoor play.

This inspired music wall is fitted with all sorts of noise-makers to keep kids active and creative.

3. Music Wall 

From Filth Wizardry

A Music Wall makes for a stimulating sensory experience. Kids love to make a racket, so they’ll adore being able to go and play outside on their very own music wall!

Bright pops of color make this playground an enticing place to be.

4. A Colorful & Inspired Backyard Playground 

From Apartment Therapy, inspired by Rustaupp

I love the bright, rainbow theme of this Backyard Playground. A little DIY magic and a few cans of spray paint can really bring a backyard to life!

These Giant Painted Wooden Blocks can be used in hundreds of creative ways.

5. Giant Painted Wooden Blocks 

From Filth Wizardry

Having some Giant Painted Wooden Blocks in your backyard will definitely keep kids entertained. Making these is a great DIY project to get the kids involved in too, and you can paint them whatever colors you’d like.

A backyard skate ramp will make your garden the place to be for your kids' friends.

6. Backyard Skate Ramp 

From Home Life

Now, this backyard hack is only applicable if you have a very large yard with a lot of extra space. But really, what kid doesn’t dream of a Skate Ramp in their backyard?!!

This is a fun, safe way to play on skateboards, and makes for a really entertaining backyard.

This DIY sandbox is surprisingly easy to make, with hours of fun guaranteed!

7. Deluxe DIY Sandbox Tutorial 

From Small Friendly

I love the idea of this Deluxe DIY Sandbox. It closes up, keeping the sand clean and safe. You’ll need basic construction skills and a few power tools to get this one done, but it looks well worth it.

This luxurious Pottery Barn Inspired Sand Box will keep kids out of the sun and entertained.

8. Pottery Barn-Inspired Sandbox

From Life in Dub Lane

If you want your sandbox to be more of a feature, less of an eyesore, then this Pottery Barn Inspired Sandbox might be just what you’re looking for. It’s great for keeping the kids entertained, and it looks pretty chic too!

These DIY Wooden Roads & Ramps for Toy Cars are portable and fun.

9. DIY Wooden Roads & Ramps for Toy Cars 

From Buggy & Buddy

This is a little more of a rustic backyard idea than the last two, which will probably suit your kids just fine. All you need for these DIY Wooden Roads and Ramps is boards or planks, paint, masking tape, and a little bit of imagination.

This DIY Backyard Climbing Wall will make your kids feel like Spiderman!

10. DIY Backyard Climbing Wall 

From Impatiently Crafty

If you have really active kids who need a challenging but safe play area close to home, then try this DIY Backyard Climbing Wall.

You’ll need to be a seasoned DIY-er to get this one right, but the effort is definitely outweighed by the reward!

11. Backyard Play Area Ideas 

From Lowe’s

There are all kinds of fun Backyard Play Area Ideas here, you’ll have a tough time deciding what to choose. I love the toy car road, and the children’s play pond would be awesome for summer.

If you're far from the ocean, why not create a backyard beach for your kid to enjoy?

12. Backyard Beach 

From Better Together

Here’s another great sandbox idea — a Backyard Beach! It’s easy to put together (the shade cloth is a great idea to keep kids out of the sun), and will offer hours and hours of fun, with all kinds of beach-themed sand toys.

This tee-pee sandbox is sure to provide hours of fun, while keeping your little adventurer out of the sun.

13. Teepee Sandbox 

From Apartment Therapy

Finally, why not check out this Teepee Sandbox? If you live in a really sunny area, then this is a great way to protect kids from the heat. It also offers a great potential hidey-hole, and would make a really fun play area.

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