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12 Mother’s Day Traditions You Can Start This Year

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Do you have Mother’s Day traditions at your house? We have some great, doable ideas! Use them to bless your mom or a special mom-figure in your life or–…drop a few hints to your family in case they need suggestions!

There are special breakfast ideas for Belgian waffles, fix-ahead eggs with spinach, cheese, and bacon, oatmeal cookie granola (in a box), plus berry parfaits. Fruit roses look (and taste) lovely on cheesecake. There are some free printables for a tea party, as well as gifting coupons and conversation starter questionnaires. Clever gift suggestions include a special Grandma book, a Mom’’s Day Café and a Dessert-of-the-Month Club.
Hmm……why does Mother’’s Day only come once a year?


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1. Belgian Waffles

From Cooking Classy

This is a Mother’s Day tradition you’ll want to stick to… These Belgian waffles are big, fluffy and delicious, perfect for special occasions like this. The best part is that, other than buttermilk, they don’t really require much other than your general store cupboard ingredients, so you can whip them up whenever you have the time or inclination.

easy baked eggs Breakfast ideas

2. Baked Eggs with Spinach, Bacon and Cheese

From The Little Epicurean

These easy little baked eggs can be prepped ahead of time and just popped into the oven when you’re ready, which is perfect for a Mother’s Day breakfast. In fact, this tradition might just stretch through to most weekends, never mind just once a year, considering how easy and delicious these baked eggs are!

3. Berry Breakfast Parfait

From Julies Lifestyle Via Canned Time

If you want your Mother’s Day traditions to be healthy, but just as delicious, then this is the recipe to try. These berry breakfast parfaits use cashew yogurt, which is dairy free, and all the ingredients are raw, meaning that this is a guilt free delight on all fronts. Yum!

all-about-mom free printable
4. All About My Mom Questionnaire

From Becoming Martha

This is a great tradition to start. You just print out the questionnaire and leave it for the kids to fill out. They’ll give you the cutest answers, and it’ll make a great keepsake.

5. Free Tea Party Printables

From Confetti Sunshine

Why not start yourself a Mother’s Day tea party tradition? Put together sweets and treats (or get the kids to, if they’re old enough!), put the kettle on, and use these adorable printables to brighten things up.

Mom Let's Talk conversation starters
6. Conversation Starters

From Fun in First

This is the sweetest Mother’s Day tradition to start, as the answers will keep changing from year to year. Kids give the answer to things like, “This always makes my mom laugh…”, “My mom is really good at this…” etc. Jodi used this idea in her classroom for her Mother’s Day celebration, and she said that the moms loved it.

free printable grandma book mother's day idea
7. Free Printable Grandma Book

From Strawberry Mommycakes

If you’re looking for something for your mom, then this is a good one. There’s a great free printable, and the books come out looking SO cute. Definitely a great Mother’s Day tradition to get into, and Grandma will love it!

Panna Cotta Mango Rose
8. Vegan Cheesecake with Fruit Roses

From Veg Spinz

Here’s another tasty but healthy recipe that would definitely work as a Mother’s Day tradition. These vegan cheesecakes use silken tofu, tofu cream cheese and soy milk instead of regular dairy products, and the fruit roses are just too gorgeous. They’d actually work great as decorations on all kinds of desserts, don’t you think?

mother's day cafe
9. Mother’s Day Café for Grandma

From Grey Luster Girl

This is another great way to spoil Grandma this Mother’s Day. Push the boat out with formal invitations (with a little embellishment from the kids, of course), and why not use the tea party printables from number 5?

DIY mother's day gift idea
10. Dessert of the Month Club Idea

From Grey Luster Girl

This is for those of us with a sweet tooth, or those of us whose mothers have a sweet tooth. How does dessert of the month sound? I love this idea almost as much as I love dessert!

11. Free Certificate Coupons and Questionnaire Printables

From Mama Mommy Mom

You might want to get some extreme couponing going with deals like this going round! And the Mother’s Day questionnaire will definitely be a tradition you’ll want to keep around — it’s just too cute!

mom's day breakfast in a box
12. Breakfast in a Box

From Sweet Lulu

I love this idea for breakfast in a box, because you can tailor it to suit likes and dislikes, and put together the perfect breakfast for the mom in your life. It’s easy enough for kids to put together on Mother’s Day morning, and would make a great, mess free breakfast in bed!

Spark their imagination this Mother’s Day with these great craft ideas perfect for moms, sourced by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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