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12 Fabulous Dr. Seuss Ideas #MomsCheckIn

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The anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ birthday is coming up on March 2. To celebrate, the Moms Check In crew is sharing some of our favorite recipes, books and crafts, all inspired by Dr. Seuss. Check out these great ideas and get ready to celebrate with your family! 

12 Fabulous Dr. Seuss Ideas

12 Fabulous Dr. Seuss Ideas


Amanda: We are huge Dr. Seuss fans in our house! The Cat In The Hat was the first book I ever was able to read on my own and it was the first for my son too! Hmm… If I had to pick a favorite book it would be between Horton Hears a Who, Yertle the Turtle and Fox in Socks.

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Jenni: I had several Dr. Seuss books growing up. My own personal favorite when I was little was Horton Hears a Who! Now that I’m older though, I love Oh, The Places You’ll Go. My little guy’s favorite is and always has been, The Grinch. We have the book AND the movie, of course.

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Lindsay: My kids have always loved Dr. Seuss books (and so do I)! They’re silly yet always include a great life lesson. We have TONS of them. The kids are so excited for some of the activities their teachers have planned for next week. One year my daughter’s teacher made cupcakes with green icing, put a pretzel rod in it, and topped with with cotton candy. A truffula tree from The Lorax! Easy and fun. We might try that for dessert one night next week!

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Stephanie: Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss!? Even as an adult, I still love enjoying his books with Sam. I probably appreciate Dr. Seuss more now as an adult since I can recognize how rare that creative genius is! Sam and I have a great time with Dr. Seuss themed books, recipes and crafts.

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