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10 New Baby and Toddler Books

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With spring finally arriving, I plan to do everything I possibly can outside with my boys. Not only are we enjoying the sunshine and our backyard, we’re doing crafts outside too. This week, I’m making our first “picnic” of the year. We’ll eat lunch in our backyard on a blanket and then do some reading before nap time. I’ve picked up some new books this week and I know my little guys will love the ones I’ve picked out for them. Here are the brand new books on our reading list for this week!

Books for Toddlers

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Awesome New Baby & Toddler Books

  1. If I Were in the Circus…: A rhyming picture book for children ages 0-6
  2. Little Bunny – I Can… A Gorgeous Illustrated Picture Book for Toddlers for Ages 2 to 4.
  3. Easter Bunny! Easter Book for Children: 10+ Easter Stories for Kids (Volume 1)
  4. Edgar Gets Ready for Bed: A BabyLit®First Steps Picture Book (BabyLit First Steps Books)
  5. Children’s Ebook; GROSS GUS: Funny Rhyming Picture Book (Ages 2-6) (“Gross Gus; Picture Books for Beginner Readers”)
  6. Who Can Swim?
  7. Hide and Seek
  8. But I Am Here and I Am Two: A Story of Toddler Love
  9. Ice Cream Castles and Lemonade
  10. Giraffes Can’t Dance

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What book would your boys love most?

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