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10 Must Haves for Every Cat

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10 things every respectable cat should have.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The J.M. Smucker Company. The opinions and text are all mine.

Any fur-baby parent knows cats rule the roost. Every self-respecting cat makes his preferences well-known. It just wouldn’t be right if their kingdom didn’t include their favorite feline accoutrements so here’s my list of 10 things every respectable cat should have for a happy life.

10 Must Have Items for Every Cat

I have five boys. Two of them are cats. I am the Queen Mother but there are frequent coup attempts for the throne.

Although he might tear off across the room at a speed that defies logic, Linus has settled down quite a bit. However, my youngest Alistair, is still full of youthful vigor and naughtiness. I had hoped he would mellow out since he is well past his kitty stage.

Not happening.

Meow Mix Cat Food

And, after spending more than a house payment at the vet when Alistair consumed non-edibles, I certainly am not willing to banish him from my kingdom. The stinker has a permanent spot in my heart.

Cat Tunnel

Despite that unfortunate situation, he’s actually a money saver. During the last Christmas season I discovered I don’t need frivolous things like ornaments or an artificial angel tree topper. Alistair perches on the uppermost branches, swaying on the treetop, while twinkle lights reflect off the walls in a dizzying display, spreading Christmas joy far and wide.

Scratching Post

Alistair has taught me a lot about life. He loves to stop and smell the flowers, especially the bouquets that occasionally decorate the middle of my dining room table. He also likes to taste them.

And Alistair has taught me it is important to deal with messes right away. Otherwise he will need to take care of the other boys’ leftovers  lingering on the kitchen counter.

Cat Toys

Perseverance is another of Alistair’s qualities I could emulate. He goes after a thing until he gets what he wants. I fully expect to come home one day to find him curled up in the fruit bowl on top of my fridge—the only spot in the house he hasn’t been able to mark as his own.

In spite of Alistair’s propensity for pushing boundaries, I have found I can keep him contentedly busy when I engage him with one of these better-for-him distractions:

  1. Laser pointer. He loves to chase that little red light.
  2. Feathers on a string. He jumps and twirls with abandon.
  3. Squeaky mouse toy. Because mice.
  4. Scratching post. Much better than the sofa, I say. He’s not positive.
  5. Cat tunnel. Stealth is the name of the game.
  6. Catnip anything. Kitty nirvana.
  7. Balls. But not made of string or yarn. That can make cats sick if they swallow pieces. Which they will.
  8. Window with a view. Birds, bugs, and invisible things fascinate.
  9. Your lap. He is your baby, after all, and after a busy day ruling the world he loves to hang out with you.
  10. Food, like Meow Mix Simple Servings with Real Tuna, Shrimp & Whitefish in Sauce. Cats cannot live on love alone.

Meow Mix Simple Servings

My cats adore the new Meow Mix Simple Servings. You would not believe how quickly they devour it! The single serve cups disappear like magic.

Alistair and Linus obviously enjoy the tastes. In addition to the Tuna, Shrimp & Whitefish, there are Simple Servings with Real Tuna and Salmon in Sauce, and Real Chicken and Turkey in Gravy. I feel good about giving them a treat that’s so good for them. Meow Mix Simple Servings are 100% complete and balanced wet food nutrition.

Cat Food Bowl

I also love that I can feed my fur-babies right from the single-serve containers—so convenient! They’re easy to open so you just pop open the lids and set the container out. No need to dirty a spoon or mess with half a leftover can in the fridge.

Meow Mix at Walmart

Alistair and Linus recommend you get a free sample at and then your fur baby will send you out for more. You can find Meow Mix Simple Servings at Walmart. If you’re like me, you’ll be going there anyway for another dozen or so needful things.

Meow Mix Simple Servings Cat Food

My cats decimate every little flake of fish and lick their dishes clean when I give them Meow Mix Simple Servings. And then they purr.

Kind of makes me feel like I rule the kingdom when I give them such a happy life. Silly girl.

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