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10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

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In anticipation of what some [ahem, I] would say is the most fun holiday of the year, we’ve been doing a lot of Halloween posts on the blog to give ideas on everything from decorations to crafts, to games to costumes. We’ve featured  Halloween costume ideas for babies and toddlers as well as 42 costume ideas for boys. In fact, we even did a post on Halloween costumes for dogs. So it is only fitting that we close the series with some costume ideas that boys of any age would love.

10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

  1. Stealth Ninja
  2. Ahoy Matey Pirate Costume
  3. Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Costume
  4. UPS Guy Costume
  5. Star Wars Clone Wars Captain Rex Costume
  6. NASA Jr. Astronaut Costume
  7. Thomas The Tank Engine Costume
  8. Spiderman Costume
  9. Batman Costume
  10. Lil’ Frankie Costume

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