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[Boy Bash] Little Chef Party Dessert Table

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Every Tuesday till early September we’re going to be featuring a budget themed dessert table or tablescape from the talented women who have graciously volunteered to take on our Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge. And we’re even going to throw our own work into the ring from time to time and follow the same budget confines. Every participant gets the Spaceships and Laser Beams Collection of their choice + $50 for a dessert table or $20 for a tablescape. They can also use anything they are able beg or borrow, make themselves or already own.

Today’s Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge feature is actually from us, Spaceships and Laser Beams. We had a vendor drop out fairly late in the game and I decided to use it as an opportunity to get my butt in gear and do a promotional dessert table for our new Little Chef Boy’s Cooking Party Collection. I thought about using this theme to do a cooking party where the kids end up actually making something but there are some fabulous versions of those parties already out there. What I did see an absense of was actual dessert or cake tables actually using the theme. Because our budget for the challenge is so low, I really had to watch what I spent and ended up making/baking a lot of the items on the table. Sweet treats included edible cookie dough spoonfuls, mini chocolate mice, marshmallow chef’s hats, cheese cakes served in sweet bell peppers and lemon custard served in lemons. I also purchased popcorn, cupcakes and a cake. The details of what I spent vs already had are at the end of the post. All photos taken by the lovely and talented Mike.

I used tissue paper and a bit of cardstock — plus our 2″ circle decals — to create hats  for the popcorn. I wasn’t sure it would work but ended up loving how they looked.

Using lemons (and the sweet peppers below) as vessels was a cost saving idea. But I also wanted to reflect the theme in a way that showed abundance and was a little more natural.

These mice are esstentially a dialed back copy of chocolate mice I found on the Disney Family Fun site, via a Pinterest search.

The idea with the edible cookie dough (i.e. no eggs) in spoons was to go along with the cooking party feel. Who doesn’t like to eat a spoonful of cookie dough when they’re baking!

I think I came up with the idea for these marshmallow chefs’ hats on my own. 🙂

The straw decals and the water bottle labels (love them!) can be found in our shop!

What I spent (approx/rounded):
Peppers – $4
Lemons – $2
Cream Cheese – $1.50
Chocolates – $2
Marshmallows – $2 
Water – $2 
Cake and cupcakes  – $11
Wooden spoons – $8 
Popcorn – $1
Checkered dishes – $11 for 2 

What I had:
Straws, fabric and twine left over from other parties
Mason jars, pot (for cake stand), red cutting boards and some utensils from my own kitchen
White tissue paper for chefs’ hats 
Misc baking supplies (chocolate chips, flour, etc.) 

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