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[Boy Bash] Bug Birthday on a Budget!

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Every Tuesday till early September we’re going to be featuring a budget themed dessert table or tablescape from the talented women who have graciously volunteered to take on our Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge. And we’re even going to throw our own work into the ring from time to time and follow the same budget confines. Every participant gets the Spaceships and Laser Beams Collection of their choice + $50 for a dessert table or $20 for a tablescape. They can also use anything they are able beg or borrow or make themselves.

Today’s feature comes from the creative talenet of Kristy from Candy Chic. She used our Bug Bash Collection, which was designed by Andrew, to create this fabulous bug themed birthday party. (And can I say, three different vignettes on a budget! Talk about an overachiever!) In italics, we have Kristy’s own description of her set-up: I set the buffet table up in my backyard against an old fence covered in ivy (I hate that ivy covered fence with a passion but it worked so well with the theme!). I went with earthy colours, as well as pops of white, orange and yellow to match the colours of the printables.

I also decided to create a simple kids table setting. I used another birdcage with the succulents and plastic bugs, and added the welcome sign to it. I used old pasta sauce jars to make ‘bug catcher’ party favours.


I also created a beverage station with beetle juice (inexpensive orange cordial) in a glass beverage dispenser. I tied the circle printables to the top of recycled glass bottles with string, and added paper straws for a bit of colour.

Nearly all my budget went on the food – I bought inexpensive packet mixes that required few added ingredients to keep costs down. I made everything myself except for the donuts which were store bought. Desserts included :
– pretzel spider webs
– dirt parfaits
– vanilla cupcakes
– bug guts jelly
– white choc and raspberry caterpillars
– dragonfly cookies
– ant covered cake pops
– donuts stacked up to look like an ant hill.
– larvae marshmallows
– witchety grub lollies (a witchety grub is a native Australian grub)

I used cake stands, platters and props that I already had in my cupboard. The only things apart from the food that I purchased were the plastic bugs and the paper straws. I picked the succulents from my nan’s garden to put in the bird cages to add a bit of greenery and interest.

Stephanie Keeping

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