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Vintage Train Party On A Budget – Favors

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So it’s a pretty good sign when the kids start fighting over the favors, right? (Yes, that’s my gorgeous Sam on the far left holding on for dear life.) This is the second post of the “on a budget” party we just threw for my son and some of his friends using Janelle‘s new vintage train collection. This one is all about the favors….and the kids’ reactions to them. Like the rest of the party, the name of the game with the favor choice was stylish but inexpensive. It had to be when we were looking to spend way less than $100 for the entire party.

The concept was to provide the kids with a mini travel kit that they could take on their own train ride. I found these tin suitcases before Easter at Walmart for about $1 each and snapped them up immediately.

Look at this adorable picture of Syd. Mike caught her in the middle of the party trying to steal her’s. Love it.

To decorate them, I wanted to keep it simple, so I used the baggage labels from our collection on the front and personalized them with each child’s name. I then used a piece of jute twine (a budget party must-have for me as a full roll is only $1) to fasten one of our vintage train thank you tags to the top.

I always like to give favors that are useful…and even though I was shopping at my local dollar store that goal was still at the forefront. I was able to find a large package of Crayloa crayons for $1.25, which I divided amongst each of the kids. I also sourced mini notebooks with blank white paper (perfect for drawing on) for $0.25 each — as well as tiny board books for $0.33 each.

Dressed up with more of that jute twine and our vintage train 2″ circle decal and the entire package ended up looking cute and was a hit with the kids who were thrilled to draw and the moms who were thrilled not to be given junk.

And how can you argue with these results? 

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