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Vintage Circus Party – Dessert Table

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I wanted to share photos of the New Year’s Eve party our family held this year for a few close friends. They were recently featured on Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas, and I’m thrilled to now have them up on our blog as well. Mike and I  haven’t “celebrated” New Year’s since I was pregnant with my son — in 2008! Between bedtimes, babysitters and toddler meltdowns, it just hasn’t happened. And a lot of our friends are in exactly the same boat. So this year we decided we would have a party in the afternoon/early evening. That way, everyone could do something special for the day and still be home for their respective bedtimes. I thought our Spaceships and Lasers Beams vintage circus theme, which was designed by Andrew, would be the perfect collection. I asked Catherine of Goodness Bakeshop to cater and it was one of the best decisions I made for the party. I did a food buffet table and a dessert table for the party and this post concentrates on the dessert table.

Stephanie Keeping

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