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Scotch & Chocolate 40th Birthday – The Scotch

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There are so many photos from my husband’s Scotch and Chocolate themed 40th birthday that I thought I would split them into a couple of posts. One for the scotch and one for the food/chocolate. {See that post here} For the party, we used the Vintage Car Collection that Janelle created as our decor. And my wonderful friend Catherine of Goodness Bakeshop did the catering. But if you ask any man in the room, the single malt scotch (and more specifically the bottle of The Macallan 18 yr old) was the reason d’etre. 

After much discussion, we ended up featuring four single malt scotches:

The Macallan, 18 yr
Lagavulin, 16 yr
Glen Breton Rare, 10 yr (Canada’s only single malt scotch)
The Balvenie, 12 yr

Because some of our guests were scotch novices — including those who had never tasted scotch before — we did little write-ups on each by customizing the thank you card from our vintage car collection. (We also had lots of other beverages on hand).

This was the crown jewel of the table: the The Macallan 18 year old. Mike is in love. It wasn’t named the world’s best single malt in 2005 for nothing. This isn’t the choice for anyone on a budget, but it’s perfect for a milestone like a single malt scotch lover’s 40th birthday.

And here’s the happy birthday boy being reminded of his age with one of our 4″ decals 🙂

Printables (Janelle of Hello Dear), photography (Mike), styling (Stephanie) – Spaceships and Laser Beams
Baked goods and catering – Goodness Bakeshop

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