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New – Vintage Fishing Party – Dessert Table

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A boys birthday party is always special, but even more so when it is your own son! Last weekend was Sam’s second birthday. I found that choosing a theme idea, a cake, and decorating is a little more challenging with a two-year-old because their favorites are always changing! One week it’s monkeys—the next it’s Elmo and the week after that it’s dump trucks–so I decided to pick a theme that has significance for our family. That made fishing an easy choice because my husband is a fly fishing instructor and I’m originally from Newfoundland where the economy and culture is built around fishing. We got to be in Newfoundland for Sam’s first birthday but we couldn’t be there this year. Having a fishing themed dessert table brought a little of my home heritage into the celebration and of course that feels good to a mom!

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The whole look needed to be smart but unfussy because that reminds me of Newfoundlanders. I wanted lots of texture and pattern to reflect the natural landscape of the island and I used a wood look backdrop to reference boats and docks. The metal pail is reminiscent of a fishing bucket. The pedestals remind me of lobster traps. Using plaid and burlap together looks masculine and the burlap ties are a great substitute for ribbon at a guy’’s party.

The dessert menu included orange basil cake, blueberry shortcake, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, and mint chocolate chip cupcakes, orange mousse boats with a chocolate chip sail, chocolate chip cookies, watermelon “fish pops” and cantaloupe sticks. I like to have fresh fruit options, especially for a kid’s party.

Twin wood cutting boards hold the fruit. The watermelon fish were easy to do with a cookie cutter.

Of course, no party at my house would be complete without my friend Catherine’s now famous orange basil cake. I love how she created subtle waves in the icing so that the boat shaped cupcake wrapper fit perfectly on top.

We originally designed these fish cupcake wrappers to incorporate a tiny fishing rod. However, I loved Janelle’s illustrations on the 2″ circle decals so much that I wanted to feature them on the cupcakes as well.

The orange mousse dessert reminds me of sail boats.

Aren’t these bait pail cupcake wraps awesome?! They are perfect for holding chocolate cupcakes, topped with Oreo “dirt” and gummy worms.

Some of the old-time fishermen used to wrap their catch in newsprint, so I tied newspaper wrappers around small glass cups to display the cantaloupe in reference to that. Besides…I like the way it looks!

You don’’t know how happy I am to be able to share these pictures with you. I didn’’t get to work on this party until the last minute so I am thrilled it came together AND that we got pictures!

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