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New! Snakes & Snails Sweets Table

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Today’s boy party inspiration is…us! We get and hear so many comments about people thinking that boys’ parties cannot be as beautiful as girls’ parties that I wanted to do something to show that this isn’t the case. Jodene’s new Snakes and Snails Collection was the perfect look to do this with. 

In addition, the Snakes and Snails theme is for the younger set. So I thought this would be show how you could have a sweets table for the brunch-time party first birthday party. And the birthday details could also be easily swapped out for a baby shower. 

Check out more of Mike’s great photos!

These cinnamon buns were from my friend and fellow Spaceship and Laser Beamer Catherine at Goodness Bakeshop. They were GOODNESS.

Now here comes the shameless part of this post: If you would like to recreate this table, you can find the printables in the Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy Shop. They can be purchased individually or as part of a value package.

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