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Jungle Themed Lion Birthday Dessert Table

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Today I’m sharing a dessert table that I put together for a birthday party in honor of on of my son Sam’s BFFs. I don’t plan parties, so when I get a chance to throw a dessert table into a friend’s celebration, I always jump at the opportunity to do it. I used our Wild Child CollectionCatherine’s jungle themed collection that features an adorable lion. 

These lion cupcake wrappers are actually my favorite item in the collection. 

Ever trying to bring budget conscious styling into dessert tables, I used brown paper to create a vine and then cut leaves from our jungle themed tent cards.

I made these meringues. They were delicious. Just had to put that out there as I am not known to be someone who knows their way around a kitchen. 🙂

I purchased the fondant toppers — including the lion on the cake — from Edible Details. Speaking of cakes, the one on this table is a butterscotch cake I purchased last minute at The Cake Box. I saw it when I went to get the cupcakes. It was one of the best tasting cakes I have had in a very long time. I still think about it. For real.

Stephanie Keeping

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