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Back to School DIY Apple Party Plates

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Back to School season is full of excitement for kids, parents and teachers. A new year full of potential is certainly worth celebrating! When I threw this Back to School Party for Sam, one of my favorite DIY ideas was these apple plates. And although I used them on the kids’ table, they would look terrific on a dessert table, too. I also think they’d be great for a really sweet bookworm themed birthday party or simply use them to take treats to share at school.

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I was determined to keep this event as a super-low budget party. Party supplies came in under $50! In total the apple plates cost me $2 for 15 plates. I think that’s a steal! And wait until you see the impact they make on the party theme.

I tried a couple of versions of this apple before I decided that simple was the way to go. At first I had visions of cutting the plate into an apple shape but when I did that, the whole project just ended up looking cheap. While I was on a very strict budget, I certainly didn’t want it to look that way!

These apple plates are the simplest thing in the world to make. I just picked up a package of small plates from the local dollar stores as well as some green felt.

I cut the leaves out and adhered two sets together so that they would have more body and be stiff. Then I used a hot glue gun to secure them to the plate’s edge and voila – instant apple!



In addition to these plates, I did a few other budget-saving DIY projects as part of this party. Stay tuned for them over the next few days.

Be sure to check out more great back-to-school ideas here:

Plus, don’t miss Back to School Party Ideas on a Budget

back to school party ideas on a a budget

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