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Arrr! It’s a Boy’s Pirate Themed Birthday Party

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  1. Get the look of this pirate themed birthday party with these party supplies: 
  2. More pirate themed birthday party ideas:
  3. Plus, don't miss out on this Yo! Ho! Ho! A Boy's Pirate Party...

A birthday boy’s romantic notion of adventure on the high seas has spawned many a pirate themed birthday party. 

Today’s version was created by Andrea, of Where the Green Grass Grows, for her son’s sixth birthday. Andrea supplied the decorations and Tanner supplied the imagination and party games. The birthday cake, cupcakes and treasure were discovered on the dessert table, just next to the ship sailing the seas.

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Andrea’s invitation with skull and crossbones on a striped background must have generated excitement as soon as potential guests opened their mail. 

On the inside, a treasure map and a sailing ship delivered party details. The invitation looks terrific, but my favorite line is the witty “ArrSVP” – ha!

The party venue was a perfect choice; a sizable ship in a local gymnasium floats above a sea of blue foam. Kids and pirates can walk the plank and jump into the foamy sea without real danger.

Tanner loves to dress up like a pirate so he wore his costume to the party.

Mom provided pirate hats for all the guests to wear and treasure boxes, which were filled with goodies to take home.

The main dessert table was covered in texture with burlap, linen and red and white stripes. Corked, glass bottles and rope add to the Captain’s table.

Black tulle references fishing nets and a flag was made of black silk.

“Yo-ho-ho” and “Tanner” pennants were suspended on the table where a treasure chest of “jewels” and golden coins rested next to pirate accoutrements of skeleton keys, spy glass, compass and treasure maps.

Tanner’s birthday cake was a deep ocean blue, embellished with golden doubloons and topped with an ominous black ship.

Cupcakes in golden sleeves were decorated with medallions that carried images of a ship, skull and crossbones and an invitation to “walk the plank”.

There were also cookies in the shape of doubloons and ships.

Seawater and sea punch quenched thirst.

A boy’s pirate themed birthday party affords many iconic images to spark the imagination while still allowing the “pirates” to stay safely moored at home. 

Get the look of this pirate themed birthday party with these party supplies: 

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  • Captain Cardboard Party Hats
  • Pirate Party Kit
  • Red & White Stripes Table Cover
  • Treasure Chest Treat Boxes
  • Plastic Gold Treasure Coins
  • Felt Pirate Eye Patches
  • Pirate Bandana
  • Pirate Dress up Party Favor Pack
  • Plastic Treasure Map Party
  • Pirate Tattoos Favors
  • Weathered Pirate Flag
  • Pirate Party Dessert Plates
  • Pirate Party Luncheon Napkins

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Plus, don’t miss out on this Yo! Ho! Ho! A Boy’s Pirate Party

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