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Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

Table of Contents
  1. How Amazon Prime Works
  2. Where I have saved money

As a busy, work at home mom, I avoid shopping excursions like the plague. It’s just too difficult to tow the kids to the store, and try to find items I want. Anytime I have tried it, I end up a sweaty mess and the kids are miserable. {Can you relate?!} It’s just not worth it. After the birth of my third son, Zane, I found a solution that literally became a sanity-saver for me. It was Amazon Prime. When I did the calculations, I realized I been able to use it to save at least $1,000 a year. For the past three years! But it’s not for everyone, so here’s my experience.

Is Amazon Prime Worth it?

How Amazon Prime Works

Amazon Prime is a one year membership deal with all sorts perks. You can start a free 30 day Amazon Prime trial to see what you think. After that, membership costs $99 for the year. You can cancel at any time.

With my Prime access I am able to receive free, two day shipping on almost any item on Amazon. This has been super convenient for me — especially around the holidays or when we have a big event happening. The fast shipping means I’m not in a pinch if I forget something. 

Where I have saved money

I cannot even begin to add up how much I save with their discounted prices as well. I typically save half off the regular price of books, CDs and DVDs. I am big reader so being able to save 50% enables me to add even more material to my library! You can also take advantage of free books each month available on Kindle, exclusively for Prime members. 

The boys love the unlimited instant streaming of TV shows and movies. We got a Roku last year and it’s been put to good use with this service.

I now also purchase almost all our household products through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program with my Amazon Prime discount. I’m sure our FedEx driver thinks I’m nuts each month when he delivers the boxes but if he knew how much I saved, he wouldn’t judge. 🙂 I have all our toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, baby diapers and wipes, plus many cleaning products shipped automatically each month. I don’t run out of products we need, I don’t have to make special trips to the store and I receive great prices on all the items. I actually pay less having it delivered to our house than I would pay if I went to the store. It’s truly a no brainer! 

One final thing I love about my Amazon Prime membership: I can ship to multiple addresses. If there is something my mom or grandma needs, I can use my great pricing and ship right to their front door. I know several families who actually split the membership cost each year just so they can all use Amazon Prime. 

In the three years that I’ve been an Amazon Prime member, I’ve loved it more each year. I’ve never had an issue or complaint. I truly recommend this awesome membership to anyone — it’s worth every penny and then some!

Click here to sign up for the Amazon Prime free 30-day trial here.

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