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Alien Birthday Party Ideas

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This alien birthday party is sure to be out of this world!

Boy’s alien birthday party? You bet! For an outta-this-world theme that captures the imaginations of little boys everywhere, check out these party decoration ideas from Cheryl of Moms and Munchkins! She used the Alien Invasion Collection of printable party supplies from our Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy Shop as her starting point. Some of my favorite details from this party include the glow in the dark alien backdrop behind the food table, the space themed table settings, the sky high cloud cupcakes and the glow in the dark party favors.

Alien Birthday Party Ideas

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Alien birthday Party Decorations

Little alien men, hanging out on the front door, welcome guests as soon as they land.

Entry into “The Party Planet” affords a view of the table of yummies, presided over by little green aliens and their spaceship, just waiting to share the fun!

Alien Birthday Party Ideas

Along with a Happy Birthday banner, alien party decorations also serve a practical purpose on this birthday table; they label the food so guests know if they are eating Flying Saucer Burgers, Saturn Rings, Moon Cheese or Moon Rocks! In this case, they are actually hamburgers, onion rings, Swiss cheese or donut holes, but I won’t tell if you don’t! Note the graduated heights of the serving dishes. This helps little earthlings see what delectable treats there are to choose!

Alien Themed Birthday Party Food Ideas

There is also a clever Alien Milky Way beverage station serving milk and guests’ choice of chocolate or strawberry flavorings.

Alien Party Food

Sky-high frosting decorates the cloud cupcakes, clad in wrappers showcasing the alien party theme.

Alien Party Cupcakes

Individual place settings include spaceship-silver plates, napkins and table service held in place with planet glow rings, and alien party hats, all displayed on an alien-decorated placemat.

Alien birthday Party Supplies

At each place setting, young guests will be delighted to find their own party favor which includes a theme appropriate Mars bar, glow wands, and a little green alien professing his “thanks for joining the mission”! This Alien theme is a super-fun party for boys AND for moms who enjoy seeing their little guys’ eyes light up like stars!

Check out these fantastic alien birthday party decorations & treats gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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  • Glow in the Dark Straws
  • UFO Alien Parking Sign
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  • Space Alien Rocket Pinata
  • Alien Head Latex Balloons
  • Glow in the Dark Rings

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