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Abracadabra!  A Boy’s Vintage Magic Birthday Party

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  1. Planning a magic party? Check out these awesome magic birthday party supplies...
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Get ready to be amazed by the spellbinding details in this boy’s vintage magic birthday party. Inspired by her little client’s love of magic, Leanne got to work creating an enchanting nod to the vintage magician and magic shows from the 1800’s.

Look at how she used these inspiration ideas in her choices for decorations, magical treats and party entertainment; the birthday cake and dessert table are amazing!

Who wouldn’t love to be a guest at this magical birthday party?

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Party planner and photographer Leanne Anderson, of Dream a Little Dream, worked her magic in styling this adorable 4th birthday theme.

Leanne created an original invitation in shades of red, black, white and gold with a vintage rabbit and his magical top hat. Guests were invited to “Mason’s magical 4th birthday show”–what a fun way to set the stage for a memorable event.

The adorable vintage rabbit was used throughout the styling. You’ll see him appear, disappear and reappear throughout the party!

See how many times you spy him throughout the desserts and party décor. Having a design element repeated throughout the party space is a nice way to give a party a cohesive look that creates a strong theme.

An impressive dessert table was styled to look like the stage of a magic show.

Red velvet draperies, a black fringed swag and the magician’s cloak were splendid toppers, with oversized pinwheel fans attached to the front of the dessert table.

A large poster presenting “the amazing Mason” made the perfect focal point. Crates on each side of the table served as risers for groups of apothecary jars filled with color coordinating candy.

Mouthwatering macarons (Le Petite) with beautiful magician hats, playing cards and gold star detailing looked lovely on the black tiered stands.

Platters of lemon tarts and fruit flans, by Baked Beauties, were certainly part of an edible disappearing act.

You may not be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat, but you could eat some rabbit-in-a-hat cake pops! There was a fanciful array of magician inspired cake pops by NikNaks Sweetest Treats.

On display as the featured center of attention was that adorable vintage style bunny with his Mona Lisa smile, this time popping up in cake form by Sandy’s Cakes. I love the stars and number 4 popping out of his hat!

Additional refreshments were on nearby tables. I love the creativity behind the licorice wands — dipping the ends of licorice in white chocolate was genius!

And how about those disappearing chocolate bars? How droll!

The outdoor table settings extended the theme with impressive oversized magicians wand centerpieces. They were complemented by smaller arrangements of hats, stars and a rabbit.

Each place setting captured attention with colorful layers: a black and white striped charger, a gold plate, a red napkin and a festive top hat accent piece.

Cute gable boxes sat at each place with custom printables tying in the theme. Bright red cutlery and cups rounded out each spot. Notice even the cups had a little magical embellishment.

A real magician was hired to mesmerize and entertain little guests, what a fitting activity for a magic party! After all of the sitting and observing, guests could spend some of their energy in a bouncy castle.

To keep the party magic alive, each guest was sent home with a darling gable box. It was adorned with a custom designed printable label that matched the invitations.

Each favor box was filled with an assortment of magic tricks, tattoos and lollipops. The included dice and wands provided a finished look that would entice little magicians to make their own magic.

Leanne proved she knows how to make a magical party appear!

Planning a magic party? Check out these awesome magic birthday party supplies…

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