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ABC Themed 1st Birthday Party

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An ABC theme is an excellent choice for a little boy’s first birthday party, as every child loves to sing along to the classic song!

Jennifer, mom and party stylist with May Details, made this version so special by merging vintage style ABC cards with a modern twist of pattern and color decorations.

Jennifer’s creative party ideas provided guests with a welcoming celebration filled with cupcakes, cookies, candy and a fun birthday cake.


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Enjoy the party details as captured by the lens of Coffee and Milk Photography.

ABC Themed Boys FIrst Birthday Party Invitation Idea

The charming, personalized invitations gave party guests a preview of the theme and feel of little Benjamin’s ABC birthday party.

ABC Themed Boys First Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

Jennifer used the birthday boy’s silhouette on the invitation and throughout the party décor.

The repetition of Ben’s silhouette, bow ties, party hats and polka dots pulled everything together in a most appealing way.

ABC Themed Boys First Birthday Party Backdrop Ideas

Although there was an abundant Korean menu buffet to satisfy appetites, the dessert table certainly attracted attention. Not only were guests enticed by the delightful treats, the cheerful mix of yellow, aqua and orange décor was great eye candy as well.

Banners and balloons framed the silhouette backdrop and an arrangement of the birthday boy’s photos. Floral arrangements added to the fresh tone of the party.

I love the layering of aqua and white table linens. A boy’s first birthday might be the only time a mom can get away with the ruffles!

ABC Themed Boys First Birthday Party Dessert Cake Food Ideas

The delightful cake, by Portos Bakery, was elevated on a colorful display box, centered stunningly mid table.

ABC Themed Boys FIrst Birthday Party Dessert Cookie Food Ideas

Notice the alphabet was included in gorgeous cookies by Flourish Sweet Shop and enticing cupcakes, also by Portos Bakery, with party printables by May Details.

ABC Themed Boys First Birthday Party Dessert Cupcake Food Ideas

The unique shelving display of water, snacks and favors was a great idea to provide guests easy access to these party favorites.

ABC Themed Boys First Birthday Party Drink Station Table Ideas

The colors and decorative patterns were also integrated into the shelving display with a variety of backgrounds on each shelf.

ABC Themed Boys First Birthday Party Snack Favor Ideas

I love how Jennifer included the alphabet with custom labels such as “H is for H2O” and “A is for (caramel) Apples”.

ABC Themed Boys First Birthday Party Hat ideas

Jennifer ensured that all of the guests were entertained not only by the custom décor, but also by a photo booth and for the youngest guests, a collection of toys, activity books and bubble wands.

ABC Themed Boys FIrst Birthday Party Photo Booth Games Ideas

A natural tree branch with a mini felted ball banner added an exclamation point to the separate table which held embellished Doljabi containers, raffle tickets and a banner.

ABC Themed Boys First Birthday Party Favor Table Ideas

The sweet silhouette theme worked perfectly at this celebration, melding family traditions with new ideas and cheerful colors, proving Jennifer certainly knows the ABCs of party styling!

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