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A “T-riffic” Boy’s Dinosaur Birthday Party

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  1. plan your dinosaur birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. More boy's dinosaur party ideas:
  3. Plus, don't miss out on 30 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas You'll Love...

Are you ready to view one “T-riffic” boy’s dinosaur birthday party? This T-Rex party planned for 3-yr. old dinosaur-lover Tyler will excite dinosaur fans for sure! 

Planned by his mom, Sam, of Sugarlicious Parties, this party has it all: totally awesome party decorations, clever party favors, fun party games and mouthwatering food. Don’t miss a single detail as photographed by Emma McLean.

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

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Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

When your son tells you repeatedly for five months he wants a dinosaur birthday party, you do what party planning mama Sam did; you make it happen! 

It’s almost always more enjoyable, and sometimes even easier, to plan a party around a guest of honor’s natural interests and curiosities. 

After all, you probably know all the “ins and outs” of the theme already, since your child’s world often revolves around it.

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Dessert Table Ideas

Sam shared that upon their arrival at the prehistoric dinosaur site, the party guests were treated to a red carpet welcome. Large, black dinosaur prints lead the way up the driveway and throughout the party venue.

Can you imagine the buzz this welcome created from the get-go and how excited the guests must have been? 

I love when a party starts off with a bang! Party guests had so many party games to entertain themselves such as: a build your own dinoaquarium, painting plaster dinosaurs, a digging pit full of dinos, a coloring station, playdough table and much, much more.

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Dessert Table Decor Ideas

If the activities weren’t thrilling enough, Sam designed an absolutely captivating dessert spread. (See dinosaur birthday cakes here.)

Relying on a natural color scheme of greens and browns, Sam incorporated a hint of glitter and tied the party colors to the greenery and oversized T-Rex model used on the dessert table.

I love the continuity in her color and styling choices. There are so many creative and clever details!

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Dessert Table Backdrop Ideas

First off, the eye catching backdrop designed by Melinda Bryant really establishes the theme in a prominent way, doesn’t it? 

I love how menacing dinosaurs are made more kid-friendly with the wearing of birthday hats for “Tylersaurus Rex’s” 3rd birthday.

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Dessert Table Decor Ideas

Next, I love the variety of textures and natural elements Sam used to bring this event to life. The table is a fun display that almost appears to pop out from a dinosaur’s natural habitat of grasses and shrubs. 

Her use of wooden display pieces and simple glass containers embellished with jute were the perfect choices for serving up refreshments.

The rustic pennant bunting with dino detailing is a simple, but effective addition, as are the green glitter 3D letters spelling “roar”. What a fun accent to an already impressive display!

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Dessert Table Decor Ideas

Dinosaur figurines, including the oversized T-Rex, really helped the party theme come to life. I love how the party table was populated with them! 

I am sure the little guests were thrilled to make their dessert selections among the land of the dinosaurs.

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Cupcake Ideas

Although there was a full table of food choices for “carnivores”, you know I like to focus on the dessert table.

Did you see all of the tempting choices, many with clever prehistoric inspired names? Sam made them herself! As a huge cupcake fan, I think the cupcakes in glitter cupcake wrappers with plastic toy dinos are my favorite. 

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Toffee Apple Ideas

Although, close behind were the toffee apples and triceratops cookies. 

“Swamp Sludge” (chocolate mousse and jelly) was served up in push-up pop containers with sweet glitter spoons.

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Swamp Sludge Ideas

“Dino nests” (chocolate noodle and M&Ms), volcanic boulders (chocolate honeycomb), “swamp rocks” (malt balls) and green jelly beans topped the treat list.

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Candy Ideas

Cute mini-bars within the dessert table consisted of a “Sweetivore stand” with more candy and treats and an “Herbivore” station with cones filled with sliced veggies. 

Glitter cake pops and personalized Jurassic chocolate bars rounded out the table.

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Chocolate Bar Ideas

The beverage station included “Swamp Water” (lime soda with custom beverage wrappers). Mmm, sounds enticing doesn’t it? I bet the party guests thought it was so cool!

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Drink Ideas

Guests went home with great dinosaur loot! 

Each received their own dinosaur stomping feet, stickers, figures, a personalized Jurassic chocolate bar and of course, their hand selected, printable embellished bag of lollies from the buffet.

I’d say that’s one prehistoric haul!

Boy's Dinosaur Birthday Party Favour Bag Ideas

plan your dinosaur birthday party with these party supplies:

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  • Dinosaur Cookie Cutter Set
  • Large Dinosaur Footprint Decals
  • Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers
  • Wood Box Crates
  • Burlap Fabric
  • Burlap Bags with Drawstring
  • Apothecary Jar Set
  • Dinosaur Sugar Decorations
  • Dinosaur Large Rocks Candy
  • Dinosaur Party Kit
  • Dino Blast Centerpiece
  • Dinosaur Cakeasaurus Rex Cake Kit

More boy’s dinosaur party ideas:

Plus, don’t miss out on 30 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas You’ll Love

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