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A Super Special Avengers Birthday Party

Table of Contents
  1. Pair Decorations & Crafts Together for a Great Birthday Party!
  2. More Amazing Superhero Parties You Will Love:
  3. Plus, check out Incredible Hulk Themed Superhero Birthday Party...

An Avengers birthday party promises to be a great time!

With her unique take on decorations, Jessica, at OhSoPrintable, has put together a special dessert table that not only features a great Avengers birthday cake, but I like how she uses a party-time craft and take-home favors as part of the decorations too.

Avengers Superhero Party Ideas for Boy

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Avengers Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

The chalkboard New York City skyline calls all little Avenger superhero-wannabes to the newsstand dessert table.

Jessica cleverly uses stacks of newspaper and bottles of lemonade on a bookshelf for an alternate idea dessert table.

Superhero Birthday Cake Ideas

After a lunch of hotdogs and pretzels, the little Avengers cruise back to the dessert table where the top shelf holds party treats such as the Hulk Smash Cake, Hawkeye Cookie Pops, Hero Up Cupcakes and Popcorn.

Avengers miniture birthday cake

Miniature Avenger characters populate the dessert tabletop, and handmade Avenger dolls decoratively stand at attention on the next shelf down, waiting to be taken home by the mini heroes.

Superhero Party Cupcakes

Pair Decorations & Crafts Together for a Great Birthday Party!

Superhero Cape Kits do triple duty as a favor, an enticing decoration, and they are used as a party-time craft when each child personalizes his cape with fabric markers.

Avengers superhero party decorations

Table decorations include a mock-up city sky scape where miniature Avengers pegs perch on rooftops.

Each colorful place setting includes rock candy and an Avenger character mask. {Download the mask template from Cutesy Craft}

Incredible Hulk drinksing glasses for Avengers superhero party

The incredible Hulk glowers out of green drink filled bottles gussied up with suggestive hair and angry eyes. {Download the face from Cute as a Fox}
From the bookshelf “newsstand” to clever treats to terrific favors, this party is full of wonderful ideas that any little, world-saving hero would enjoy! It would be great paired with these kids party game ideas.

Cool Avengers superhero party ideas

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Plus, check out Incredible Hulk Themed Superhero Birthday Party…


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