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A Stunning Baby Shower

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  1. Don't miss out on 34 Awesome  Baby Shower Themes

This gender-neutral baby shower, by Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff of Anders Ruff Custom Designs, is absolutely breathtaking. The sea breeze-inspired color palette of mint, aqua, lime, and yellow set the stage for a pretty cake, a stunning display of desserts, and lovely decorations, many of which are DIY ideas. Anders Ruff is known for fashioning dazzling parties with careful attention to detail.

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The antique desk looks gorgeous standing on the sandy beach; the picturesque scenery and party colors are an absolute match. Anders Ruff used the drawers to display desserts and drinks; it adds interest to the set-up as well as creates another serving surface. We love how they hung printable mini pennants on a length of yarn and interspersed color-coordinated yarn poms in various sizes for a beautiful garland to top the display. A second pennant fronts the desk. A printable monogram (“B” for baby) outlined in yarn adds a perfect accent to the table.

Anders Ruff assembled their own serving dishes by combining antique store finds such as small milk glass plates and votive holders and a little hot glue. This is a great technique to remember when you can’t find or don’t want to pay for, just the right-sized serving pieces. Paired with other gorgeous cake stands in soft shades of the sea, the display of food looked absolutely amazing.

Another DIY is the simple yarn pom flowers which were attached to pipe cleaners. The “flowers” were arranged in milk glass vases along with chocolate-dipped marshmallow pops. Gifts in coordinating solid colored papers were also embellished with yarn poms and printable gift labels.

Next up is the terrific menu that didn’t scrimp on style but did save on time and budget. First, the gorgeous cake was purchased from Target. It was dressed for the party with a printable label from the Anders Ruff baby shower collection and mini yarn poms held in place with toothpicks. The popular French macarons can cost a pretty penny but Maureen taught herself to make them (you can do it, too). She experimented with color for this shower to produce ombre macarons filled with buttercream and topped them with a printable party flag.

Another lovely dessert combination is the meringue, and chocolate Oreo delights. Anders Ruff slipped a party flag between the layers for extra flair. They really look appealing on the cake pedestal. Cupcakes are a popular shower dessert. Maureen and Adria embellished purchased cupcakes with small macaron “baby rattle” pops; others were fancied up with yarn-backed cupcake toppers. Sweet, thoughtful details add charm to food buffets and are another way to communicate “we appreciate you” to guests. Finally, popcorn cones were made of patterned paper and stuffed with aqua tissue liners; white chocolate drizzled popcorn filled each cone. What a great way to serve popcorn.

As a healthy and savory alternative to all of the sweet treats, Adria prepared gourmet cucumber sandwiches. Recreate the look by stacking white bread with cream cheese and cucumber. Top with a light layer of cream cheese and strips of cucumber to add dramatic stripes. Garnish with lemon peel and a party flag: delightful. Lemonade spritzers were served in cute, glass bottles from Shop My Little Love. Small yarn poms, a flag-adorned straw, and bottle wrap kicked up the style.

We just love the clever favor choices. Remember the old wife’s tale about pregnant women craving pickles? Maureen and Adria made homemade baby pickles and packaged them in upcycled glass baby food jars. They painted the lids and added a yarn embellishment and topped it with a printable label. Their second favors were shapely spice jars filled with pastel M&Ms; these were dressed up with a printable flat label from their collection. The creative display piece was an antique spice rack which they painted aqua, giving the table a fun pop of color.

Gender-neutral parties are becoming increasingly popular as many moms-to-be wait for the surprise announcement at delivery. If a baby shower is in your future, whether you know the gender or not, you’ll find these awesome coordinating printables available in the Anders Ruff shop for hosting a stylish celebration.

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