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A Star Watching Party

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Set your gaze on this amazing “catch a falling star” star-watching party play date by the talented Toni Thomason of Creative Designs by Toni. After purchasing a telescope for her two kids last summer, they became fascinated with stars and outer space. Toni came up with the brilliant idea to gather her boy’s friends for a little star-watching party play date. You’ll be over the moon after seeing the fun invitation and ideas for snacks, cupcakes, party favors, decorations, and party games.

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Guests were invited to meet under the stars at the Thomason Conservatory with gorgeous invitations designed by Toni. We can only imagine the excitement of gathering at sunset with the hopes of seeing beautiful stars shining in the evening sky. To set the mood for the magical evening to come, Toni set up a cozy refreshment area using her fence as a backdrop.

A large framed constellation finder image and Starry Starry Night painting served as perfect theme-appropriate backdrop pieces. Finding inspiration from the night sky, shades of blue, black, and gold were used throughout the styling. A beautiful star garland made by Toni added a hint of sparkle to the front of the dessert table. Mason jars filled with tea lights hung from ladder rungs.

The platters displayed cupcakes with custom toppers and cups of popcorn adorned with vinyl stars. Beautiful star-shaped cookies lined trays and filled jars for snacking. We love how Toni extended her refreshment space by adding a small end table for serving drinks in blue mason jars with glitter flag embellished party straws. She also added appealing levels on the ground in front of the refreshment table and included trays and platters perched on picnic-style baskets and cozy blankets.

In addition to the sweet treats and snacks display, Toni incorporated wood rounds and wire baskets which were home to stellar party favors. Glow sticks and jars of stardust were available for each guest. While waiting for the sun to set and the stars to appear, guests studied the constellation guide so they would be prepared once the night sky had darkened.

When the sun set, the real excitement began! Guests had fun with flashlights and glow sticks as they tried to find all of the constellations. They laid back and enjoyed a magnificent sky star show. What an out-of-this-world experience was provided for this group of kids!

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Plus, don’t miss out on 25 Alien & Space Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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