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A Nautical Ahoy Baby Shower

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Planning a baby shower? This Nautical Baby Shower is a wonderful way for an expectant mother to prepare for welcoming the new first mate. Designed by Lynlee Beckett, of Lynlee’s, this lovely shower paired beautiful shades of blue sky and sea with pops of sunshine yellow to create the perfect baby shower theme. Lynlee infused the event with sweet and playful details even as she created a more mature atmosphere to honor the mother-to-be. From the striking invitation to the mouthwatering display of treats and noteworthy decorations to perfectly planned baby shower games and activities, these nautical baby shower ideas would delight any expectant mom.

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With the waterfront as the dessert table backdrop, Lynlee added sea-inspired details, anchoring the party with the gorgeous view. Inspired by a window at Anthropologie, Lynlee designed a sail backdrop for her table that would not overshadow the beauty of the natural landscape.

Using chicken wire and coffee filters she achieved the look she was going for. Lynlee mentions that upon close inspection, the design also resembles coral. To enhance the focal point, Lynlee added a rattan anchor and burlap tablecloth, which contributed a beachy feel to the bright colors. A sailboat and lantern reinforce the motif by tying the theme together with an “ahoy” pennant banner decorating the table front. A nautical steering wheel tray display is a wonderful idea.

Lynlee shares that she kept the season, outdoor location, and hot weather in mind as she incorporated lemon and fruit, in addition to the tried and true treats. Hollowed-out lemons were used to serve lemon custard topped with blueberries. They were embellished with coordinating, printable labels attached to lollipop sticks; they look marvelous in the lantern display. Donuts look like life preservers, neatly topping dressed-up mason jars filled with milk. We love the idea of serving savvy Oreo and fondant “portholes” displayed in edible “sand”!

Lynlee added other popular fondant accents, including sailor onesies, baby bottles, and bibs, to lemon cupcakes. Another cagey dessert table highlight was the buoy design Lynlee made by dipping marshmallows and adding fondant stripes and numbers. Push pop containers and layered Jell-O resemble lighthouses. Pretty sea urchin and meringue cookies look like the kind of sea treasure guests would want to scoop up. Mini fruit tarts on the half shell round out the dessert table. Food tent cards help with the dessert selection.

The guest table is so inviting. Burlap and a striped blue table runner top the table. The lantern centerpiece was filled with another crafted piece of coral; fresh, yellow flowers enhance the setting. Beautiful blue glass and fish plates look lovely with layered napkins and silverware tied in colorful ribbon. Beverage labels were added to lemonade-filled glasses. Writing a note for the baby has become a popular shower keepsake activity. Lynlee made it fun by including a spot where guests could leave their “message in a (baby) bottle”. With the gorgeous setting, picture-perfect weather, and amazing attention to detail, this nautical ahoy baby shower was all smooth sailing.

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Plus, don’t miss out on 12 Nautical Birthday Party and Baby Shower Ideas

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