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A Dynamite Super Hero Boy Birthday Party

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  1. Planning a super hero birthday party? Check out these party sources put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.
  2. Be sure to check out more boy's super hero birthday party ideas here:
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When she set out to plan an action packed boy’s super hero themed birthday party for her oldest son, Heather Schugar, of Diapered Daze and Knights, was surprised by the lack of non-violent birthday party activities available online. What’s a mom to do? You harness your super powers and create your own! You’ll love Heather’s activity ideas as well as her budget-friendly supplies and tips for super snacks and treats!

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Super heroes need a lot of energy to be super. Heather created a colorful food display with a variety of great snacks to help party guests fuel up for the challenges of the day! Super hero action figures flanked a yard sale frame that was transformed into a “super hero power up station” sign where guests were encouraged to feast on snacks and treats. Food included Captain America cookies, homemade chocolate covered pretzels, cones of popcorn, cupcakes baked in ice cream cones, veggies, personalized water bottles and juice.

Using her own superb skills, Heather added custom festive touches. Those arent ordinary water bottles on the table; using yellow Duck Tape and photocopies of her son, Heather created personalized labels perfect for the party theme. I love how she used the comic section of the newspaper to make treat cones; economical and theme appropriate! Don’t worry, she added a wax paper liner to make them food safe!

Heather made a pleasing display piece for the cones by decorating a cardboard box and adding a decorative “pop!” Heather made her own color coordinating chocolate pretzels. In less than 15 minutes, she dipped the pretzels in milk chocolate candy melts and added colorful candy melt drizzle and sprinkles; perfect!

To add some pizzazz to her ice cream cone cupcakes, she topped them off with little super hero medallions. Now the super heroes could get their boom, bam and zap on in some fun activities!

When guests arrived there were super hero masks for each child to color. Having an activity or craft that can also serve as a party favor is a terrific idea.

For this super party, Heather wanted an activity that would be fun for both boys and girls. She came up with the idea of “making your own super hero”. She purchased unstuffed frogs and white stuffed animal t-shirts which she dyed a cheery yellow. You’ll love how Heather customized each frog: she heat pressed each guest’s name onto the shirt with heat-transfer vinyl and made capes with super hero logos on them. She added wrist bands to each animal and made zany masks from crafters foam.

Heather created an activity station by laying colorful display boards on the floor. Here, the kids were able to decorate their masks and super hero t-shirts with fabric markers. I like the thoughtful design idea board she made for the kids in case they needed inspiration to get started. Each child received a super hero themed bag with all of the things they needed to build Super Frog. There were some coloring sheets and a frog puppet inside too!

Another clever activity was the photo booth station. All of the guests had fun posing and having their photos taken. They later received a copy of the picture along with a thank-you note; another gracious idea from a super-sounding mom!

Planning a super hero birthday party? Check out these party sources put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.

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Be sure to check out more boy’s super hero birthday party ideas here:

Plus, don’t miss out on 41 Amazon Superhero Parties

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